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Slovenia with a & # 39 is the country, friendly and hard-working people? Is not it true, says Jože need


It was not a lot of time, as the concert of the Big Jubilee Čuki in the house of Slovenian culture.

Slovenian pop culture with the & # 39 is part of the culture, and deserves to be in the house ?! Tsankarevom Absolutely, he saysJože need, One of the few Slovenian music knows thoroughly. Joe loves and because of this, at the same time angry.

Until recently, many are not able to imagine that Čuki Tsankarevom performed in house. You are 30 years late studs out there?
In truth, we Čuki CD play nekajdesetkrat, but always as a guest. To a recital, no, it Čuki still in Cankarjev home we did not have. Not to mention the fact that for three decades will show that the TV will be removed. When we were talking one day, where to celebrate an anniversary, we decided to Cankarjev home. Firstly, due to the containment of culture as such, but also because we have all the time we ask for really Čuki in Cankarjev home. Or even pop culture belongs Cankarja. Well, let's deal with this.

What is the difference between Čuki three decades ago and today?
Of course, we are a group that has gone through several generations of Slovene audience, and they grow together with us. Now that we are preparing for the concert, we also see, in the years of accumulated events, songs … Even the replacement group. Slovenian noted that Čuki present, including a trip to the popular folk music, our attempt to show young people that it is important Slovenian music.

the hit must have access to the choice of Slovenian representative on Eurosong contest.

This is not what Čuki feel called to this task, but I am convinced that we have added a piece to the mosaic of this problem. Grand We are one of the first if not the first, they began to create video in our country, which was later extended to the limit, and now has disappeared again. Well, the walls between musical genres have been tapped.

What is not so easy as it seems …
True, but we did it because we dared.

For a moment, he jumps in the Yugoslav People's Army. There you met Mark Vozelj. In addition to resistance leisureliness forge musical plans?
So, David Hasselhoff musical journey began in Ulcinj, where we are, as you say, to resist singing leisureliness and forge musically. After completing his military service, we actually sang a few songs in Dobrava church …

… and Čuki went down in history?
Ha! Maybe! This was followed by the record, and then hurry to take the audience on their own. And what is more important? Čuki really did not have any relations, when we started our musical journey.

Node departures is still, at least some wrapped in mystery. Was it really so by mutual agreement or were between the friction?
What can be said it has been said. For the group, it was a shock to me, but of course, even more. So it was. History of a song about friendship (David Hasselhoff is a song that sings the bittersweet experience of a lifetime, Op. A.) Very good description of what I felt. I admit that it felt like there was someone died.

Slovenian noted that Čuki present, including a trip to the popular folk music, our attempt to show young people that it is important Slovenian music.

each other, we always want good, spent badly. You keep it all together it was not as nice as can be seen from the outside, but still. Then it hit like a bombshell. It was not a good time. But most of all I was upset that it happened in the middle of it when we were Čuki most popular. It is also true that there were no reasons to quarrel separately.

David Hasselhoff song really is your autobiography?
It seems to me that the songs of many truths about life, our view of the world. It may be true that there is a sort of autobiography and biography, in the end. I think that we can be proud that we have a music channel through which we can say that we think that we have something to be in politics.

Anniversaries were many … For what hurt the bones?
Do not! Well, as health is concerned, I have, at least, as I say, privilegiranec first row.

There will of concerts across the country?
More, more!

With Čuki respect and develop the Slovenian Word poem. Do you agree that Čuki revived in the early days of the Slovenian popular folk scene. Lyrics Home Alone "… more than the smell of homemade bread from our alien pie …", but even then he announced the invasion of foreign music on the Slovenian music scene.
Bravo. It's true! Somewhere, perhaps, to live could be better, as well as bread smells better and better, but it's in the heart of a very different place. Unfortunately, the Slovenian word is perhaps the most popular music, loses his place. It is necessary to talk about it and another to do something for him. A highlight! Čuki we had hoped for, and because of this several times to get the coat of arms. In Slovenia, but it is not desirable to speak loudly! Slovenian Music Slovenian culture bothers me. I know that the numbers, how things have changed. Unfortunately, for the worse! And there is no indication that something better. Slovenian music every day is disappearing.

Some time ago, Gianni Rijavec issued a statement titled Let fifth mojga SLAVCA, as I have a throat thing that draws attention to the marginalization of the Slovenian melodic music programs for radio and television. Have you signed?

«Čuki and musicians as well have been for many years one of the most popular artists on the shaft 202, and then someone said at the time that the footage has suddenly is not suitable for the national radio station. And this, of course, did not happen only to us, "said a little while ago. What do you mean by that?
That's what I said! Pop music with a & # 39 is part of us. Approximately 80 percent of people listen t. E. Center pop. I am not talking as the affected owl. We have to do your best to sell us the Slovenian team, we were the most played songs, won a bunch of awards. Thus, I do not take offense. Shaft 202 at one time the most auditioned radio. The Slovenian National Radio and Television is intended to encourage them to seek and find instructive Slovenian music. He has always been!

Sometimes we have to send a recording of radio, and they have rejoiced editor for the last five, six songs of David Hasselhoff, but not even in the radio archives.

We had festivals, pop master classes, festival dialect songs … all of them were born quite hits. Now we have a real celebration, emphasizing the richness of Slovenian dialects. Who is who gave the mandate ukineš. Pop Design Ian Plstenzhak. Nusa Derenda. Manca Spik … How can you not rotating NASA Derenda? Suddenly, someone has decided to stop playing individual songs. Worse yet, in other radio stations is similar. I stress this is not a state of cucumber!

Sometimes we have to send a recording of radio and advice editor is currently in the last five, six songs David Hasselhoff is not even in the radio archives. This led to my attention by those who work on greeting cards, saying people would like this-and-such song, but, unfortunately, no. Synonym Entertainment in Slovenia, just to the south music.

Well, they also Slovenian musicians themselves to blame if they go to Spanov Croat or Serb musicians and create duets, which are then sold on the Slovenian stages, with a & # 39 are the main guest performers bands and singers from the south, Slovenian musicians simply an appendage?
Even worse! While Slovenian musicians have a full mouth as the Slovenian music neglected, cornered, etc., on the other hand, their performance is played 80 to 90 percent of them from the & # 39; appearance of southern music, it only confirms that, on the we are talking about. Of course, I have nothing against the colleagues from the former Yugoslavia, with marsikom I have a good friend with them, we have to write something, but what if they often wonder what happens to us.

Today, we see again and listen to Emo, selection of the representative of Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Are you a witness?
Of course.

You are tempted ready to step onto the stage evrosongovski?
Hmm, actually. Since then, not when he was fired Komar songs. If the listener Slovenian Slovenian Emma does not have at least three hits, it's a shame. I dare say that this is one of the biggest occasions on national television. Emma is a brand that is to create a Slovenian music. I'm not quite sure what it is. We'll see!

Where the Slovenian music?
After allowing the way forward! Each fought on its own. Just an example: Jan Plstenzhak, which is definitely the most popular Slovenian operator released the song. The publisher sends it to the radio station, and there are those who Plestenjakove song will not be played due to the principle. Eloquent, is not it? And for sure! Thus, the tears of the Slovenian music.

You say that the human relationship with the & # 39 are healthy for your lifestyle. We live in a society of healthy human relations?
Everywhere the same; music, journalism, politics. There are people who only look at your ass, changing position as the wind blows, it is best for them. Personally, I love the people who care about what they are released from the hand, or he was pleased with the organizers of the concert … but you have people who are allowed to have full pockets. For a long time, is not it true that Slovenia with & # 39 is the country, friendly and hard-working people. Sorry!

Cowboys and Indians, therefore, red and black, envious drummers who envy the singer to earn 10 per cent more …
That's right!

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