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Stevo Petrovich with a terrible diagnosis, the doctor may forgive


Nova Gorica – Šempeter hospital doctor Damjan Birtic In addition, yesterday's closing words to the criminal Nova Gorica District Court insisted that in the case of treatment for the patient Steve P. Solkan was not negligent and were treated in accordance with the doctrine.

Birtic in January last year pronounced innocent. Photo: Mark Dog

Nova Gorica, the Prosecutor may pursue him with the accusation that a specialist in respiratory medicine at the hospital Dr. Franc Derganc Petrovich patient during treatment between July 2012 and May 2013, never referred to the tertiary level (clinic for pulmonary diseases Golnik) and do not use the available diagnostic tests lungs (bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy).

This may shed some light on the nature of the changes observed in the lungs of the case but insisted Birtic diagnosis of lung infection spread, despite the fact that he had all the key information that needs clinical suspicion of lung cancer cause. The suspect would have to be found about five centimeters big bump may also indicate cancer, but only have anti-inflammatory drugs and & # 39; the appearance of the patient prescribe antibiotics.

Petrovič only Golnik shows a frightening diagnosis.

In the news we published a shocking letter from a 56-year-old Petrovic, who wrote it after he learned that he had lung cancer in the last stage. News Beginner told him in the hospital in Golnik, where in July 2013 I was looking for help and found out that he has made great progress, adenocarcinoma of the right upper lobe, so that its days are numbered. "A year later, improper or inadequate treatment & # 39; m care face the terrible news that left me only a few months to live. Sometimes it seems to me that dream, and I hope that we will say that last terrible diagnosis wrong. "He died on December 31, 2013.

The charge of yesterday's final words to Birtic offered conditional imprisonment for one year imprisonment with a probation period of two years, the district judge Igor Majnik However, after careful collection of evidence in finding that his guilt was not proven, and expressed its justification. The court must, as he explained to the judge found no evidence that could be said with certainty that Birtic no drugs in accordance with the medical doctrine. The prosecution has already announced an appeal.

8 years of imprisonment carries through neglect.

Even before the end of the criminal proceedings was, in this case made a first instance decision in civil proceedings. Petrovič relatives of Nova Gorica District Court a few months ago in a lawsuit against General Hospital Dr. Derganc Franca Nova Gorica amount to be paid 50,000 euros compensation.

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