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The trail of information that the public is upset: cramping Krvavec line or not?

In recent days, surf the Internet & # 39 is rounded information on the track at Mount Kriska, which is located on the sunny side, the east side Krvavca, this year will not work. As the news raised a lot of dust, we checked both sides of the story.

Kriska planina Krvavec

Information about the track Kriska mountain this year will not work with & # 39 is the profile of eco tourism Viženčar, which is located directly on the ski slopes of Krvavec Kriska Planin on Sunday said the director of Facebook shares boarding Maria Mia Grillc.

"Director Janez Janša We last Thursday at the meeting said that Kriska mountain trail disappears because it is uneconomical. The sole purpose of my letter is to inform our guests that we will now not located on the slopes and that our guests would need is not the same access to us. After 22 years of work, I just felt a duty to their guests. I do not want to sell them something they do not. That was the only purpose of my writing, there was no anger or anything else, "he said.

What he said on the record that caused a lot of dust?

Director Grillčeva post on Facebook wrote that their yard was no longer on the slopes, "the new owner decided to RTC Krvavec ski slopes of Mount Kriska no longer needed, and clearly fits its ski slopes."

News spread quickly on the Internet, the answer was very stormy. Some commentators have even said that they will visit Krvavca now avoided.

Janez Janša, the new director of the RTC Krvavec denies reports zapertju line Kriska mountain.

Janez Janša, the new director of the RTC Krvavec denies reports zapertju line Kriska mountain.
Photo: STA

Director of RTC Krvavec: Absolutely not krčimo ski slopes

In an entirely different story, but he insists JansaNew owner of RTC Krvavec. "Absolutely not krčimo ski area, the place of common sense, we have not come," says the director.

"The track in Kriska mountain will undoubtedly work, waiting for the snow. It is true that it is still in talks, as we track again. There has never been a dilemma whether or not the open road, the question was just how, "said Jansa. "On Friday we have a final meeting where we will decide together how and what."

"Information on the closing Kriska mountain he confirmed Jansa»

What makes Grillčeva came to the conclusion that, given the closure of the line? "Since we are on the last Thursday at the meeting also approved Mr Janša. He said that Kriska mountain is closed because it is not profitable. If someone has this information by mid-season, it's a way to stay out of work, "he compared. "It's because of my publications, which have caused a lot of attention, changed his mind," it provides.

Krvavec AAS snow

Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

"If we can agree otherwise, I would be very grateful, and I'm going to fun also informed his guest. I prefer to travel worker than hacking. If the line does not work, it would mean for the guests who stay with us each day to get to the ski area, "he explained.

Kriska where the line of the mountain?

Kriska Mountain Ski trail is located in the eastern part of the ski center Krvavtsa, because children's group play and sled popular seven & # 39; ads with small children.

Construction of Ecotourism Viženčar in close proximity to the ski area of ​​training and a & # 39 is a common place, especially among skiers who have excessive noise and crowded on the beach does not match.

Mount Kriska

Snowy mountains in the past Kriska

Director Jansa reiterated that line on Kriska Planina no zasnežujejo, since it is not happening now in the main part of the ski area, but stresses that the only reason that they do not have enough water for all technical snowmaking ski slopes.

"Our lake is too low. Fill eight days, and we spent two days. On the lake with snow cover only the tip of Krvavec area of ​​the beach and the station for the cable car, and even then only 20 inches thin, which means that it is not enough, and we need the help of natural snow. the bulk of the coverage osnezhivaniya need about five lakes, only then we can go to Mount Kriska, «he said.

Jansa to meet the owner, who was last Thursday, does not speak, but talking with her husband, who & # 39 is the vice-president of community Kriska mountain pasture, grazing and president of the Society in France Vrhovnikom. "We agreed that we should meet as soon as possible and agree on how and what. This will happen on Friday. Instead of common sense, but we have not come to ski to shrink, "he said.

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