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These football fans: I'm not offended Neymarja, he was in May lip


Loud audience with the French Cup final between Rennesom and Paris Saint-Germain, which, judging by the video, going down the stairs of the stadium insulted several players, the Paris Club, and then hit PSG superstar Neymar Jr., in the French media have presented his side of the story. He claims that he was not offensive to the players of Paris, and that he & # 39 is "meeting" with Brazilian blood flowed from his nose.

Alves and Neymar (right) looks forward too quickly and Rennes staged a remarkable turnaround in the final of the French Cup final victory through the implementation of more stringent penalties.PHOTO: AP

Currently in France, more famous than a football follower EdouardWho became famous thanks to the records from the Stade de France, where he was after the match, while walking towards the room to hit the star rewards Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil Neymar Jr..


The US responded to the satyr 28-year-old runner, who, after the defeat of the strange Renault difficult to solve some members of the PSG celebrities. Judging by the video Italian vezistu March Verrattijusays that "Racist"His compatriot and goal of the French Champions Gianluigiju BuffonNevertheless, "Sliders", Neymarju must be said that "I can not play football".

"I am surprised"
"I'm not insulted (Neymarja, Op. A.). I told the players to play sucks. Verrattiju, Buffon, and not just him. I said that the whole team " said Edward, who says that the fan Nantes, who also plays a member of the Slovenian national Krhin.

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"I am surprised. The members of the Security Service of PSG came to me and told me that he will decide everything. I had a busted lip and a bloody nose, "Edouard overtook him Neymar on the word "said" slap in the face. According to the latest information from France to the French Football Federation the Brazilian due to events in the capital suspended for three or up to eight matches.

Tuchel: It's just you can not do
"I do not like. You are not allowed to do, you can not just " This was at a press conference on Monday, clear PSG coach Tuhelj, Many of the media after his public speech in which he, like Neymar has publicly taken a few young protégé, who wrote about it, but Parižanov (not for the first time in the last few years) is again fully clan.

"It is not easy to go down the stairs after the defeat. I was very hard, it was difficult, but we have to accept. If we lose, we have to show respect. You may not be ready for a fight over the TV viewers he said, Tuchel.


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