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"Annabel 3" – a trailer for "Annabel comes home"


Horror doll is making a comeback to the movies this summer

MOVIE TRAILER. Time to take the adult diaper.

Who do horror doll Annabelle return to the cinema.

Here's the first trailer.

"Conjure" movies & # 39 are a reliable cash cow in Hollywood. The last film, "Nun", was a huge success, despite the negative reviews. In the summer, it's time for a real veteran in the film series, to be reborn, the evil doll Annabelle.

This is the third film in the dock and has a lot to live up to. The last film in the series directed by the Swedes David F Sandberg and received good reviews. It has been a leader in the series, which looked back and told how Annabel and his curse came. "Annabel Comes Home" on the spot immediately after one.

1 3 | Photo: Warner

"Annabel Comes Home".

The film re-enter the other two favorites from the "Witchcraft" of the world, it Ghost Hunters edition and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson. Vera Farmiga). The action will expose them and their ten-year daughter Judy (Grace Mckenna) For Annabelles evil.

director film Harry Dauberman, Dedicating his debut with this film. But it's not like he's new when it comes to a "Voodoo" rolls. As a screenwriter, he wrote the first two "Annabel", "of The Nun" and also worked with two "IT" movie.

"Annabel Comes Home», Swedish theatrical release June 28.

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