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As Ferrari and Vettel will deal Leclerc


He won the debut season GP3. He won the Formula in the same way.

Once in F1 Charles Leclerc went to Ferrari in the first year – and in the second qualifying session, he took his first pole position.

As Ferrari can cope with the situation?

After a tough start in Australia, where it was impossible to recognize the Ferrari, the team seems to have found the problem. In Bahrain, on the track, where Sebastian Vettel has won the last two years, it is now stable two cars in the front row.

But this is not the champion of the four pairs in the past year, the World Cup, which took the second place, which has a pole. Instead, the 21-year-old rookie team, Charles Leclerc, who starts first, and he does not do it by accident. He does this when he dominated his more experienced colleague in all skill segments.

So I can not help but wonder how Ferrari will handle this situation?

And Sebastian Vettel to deal with this?

The stars, who vainly

In order to find the world champion for the Ferrari, we must go back to 2007, when McLaren let Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to throw the title of world champion in the internal fights and stables staffs laughing Raikkonen took the situation under control. Since that time, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel also unsuccessfully tried to give the Italian team title in the championship of pilots in the world.

Last year, Vettel grip until he fell from his mistakes, and when he inexplicably lost control of the vehicle in Germany, and let the world title to stay in the gravel outside the Hockenheimring.

This year, Ferrari 90 years and increased its budget significantly in order to take the throne again and Vettel got a young colleague, who starts his second season in Formula 1. In the first race of the season Ferrari was favorite, but were far behind their own expectations. Nevertheless banned stables of Charles Leclerc, to attack his fellow team.
In the second race of the season I hit a Leclerc ago, set a new course record and starts his car from the starting area. The Bahrain GP starts, the driver, which is predicted to be a future star of the first, and next to him in the first row Vettel, who was the first Ferrari driver in all the years in the team. As this is a Ferrari?

Leclerc must retain control

Charles Leclerc comes der to start, maintain the lead in the first round, and then make sure that it controls the race. He must personally monitor the course of events for the team to be able to give him an advantage. If he can do this, it may very well take his first F1 win today.

He will fight, Sebastian Vettel is not known, to share and not be easily accepted in adversity. German, as a rule, like a stubborn five years, if he does not get his way, offended and asked what solutions he can do in a tight spot?

I am very pleased to see how Ferrari cope with the situation, and how it affects relationships in the world drivers' championship. We are in a situation where winning the first two races of the season can be called Bottas and Charles Leclerc. Which is a fantastic start is not for F1 2019?

So give me the summer, let the speed of synchronization. I can not wait to see the race on Sunday in Bahrain.

withanna Andersson

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