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Driver Nvidia 430,39 causes high CPU usage


NVIDIA Graphics Driver 430.39 suffers from errors that can cause unusual use of system drivers installed processor. Nvidia confirmed the existence of the problem and working to resolve.

A few days ago, Nvidia's 430.39 driver launched its the Geforce, providing optimization for video game called Mortal Kombat 11, anthem and Strange Brigade. Driver seem brought error which can lead to the use of the user CPU is at an unusually high level.

The official thread Driver 430.39 to your own forum from Nvidia, some users have reported the problem of increased load on the processors. customer service from Nvidia is in the forum thread has confirmed that the company is able to recreate the problem stated in their own trials and is currently working on a solution.

At the time of writing, Nvidia's did not provide any timeframe for when this update to address this issue may become available. Some users on the Nvidia forums recommended the old driver installed on the system, which suffers from this error. However, Nvidia has he not come out with any such recommendation.

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