Sunday , March 29 2020
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Fire on the power line outside Norrköping


The area that burned was about 50 meters long and 50 meters wide, and is located near a Vrinnevisjukhuset Norrköping.

Six units were working most of the site.

– The situation is stable, we just came out of the water onto the terrain was very difficult to achieve, said Christian Lind.

Waterfall turned off the water

According to the emergency services can not be excluded that the fire may spread.

Or & # 39 is fire under control?

– It is not under control, but it is stable. Do not you dare say that something is under control when it comes to forest fires.

Emergency services reported that Vattenfall power off as a safety measure.

At 2:00 the fire was extinguished and the power will be back soon.

– We are in the process after quenching, but soon left the scene, said Christian Lind.

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