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grave flowers Camilla Joaquim daughter were stolen – woman freed


Evening Post has in several previous articles reported the theft of 28-year-old grave of Helena in Sölvesborg. Helena died in the fall, and in November, decorated mother of Camille Joachim's tomb, including a large flower hearts

Later, Camilla gone, stolen by a floral heart. Again later found the flowers in the soul of a child.

– In fact, roses sit as a white edge, but Elena was an artistic soul who does not like regularity, said Camilla, who immediately recognized the flowers.

denied the charge

Woman getting flowers were committed against its negative reception.

She claimed that she received flowers from each other, according to the prosecutor, the woman had to be "reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has been."

But on Tuesday, she was acquitted by the court in Karlskrona. In accordance with the law, it is not disputed that the stolen jewelery and the one who found the woman stole, but she could not know that it was stolen.

– I was hoping for a different result, but I have to admit that you can not influence, Joachim says Camilla.

Lawyer: "the right decision"

Advocate women happy.

– It was absolutely correct them. There was nothing to suggest that my client would know it could be assumed that in this way, which was what they claimed, says Per Prene.

Reporting on the case has been widely.

– You found it difficult to distinguish between legal concepts of the public, and to some extent also in the media. She is portrayed as it was a thief, that she took this flower arrangement and he never claimed.

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