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Hottest gang stormed a nightclub in Stockholm


It was at 2:22 on Sunday night the police were alerted to a nightclub F12 in central Stockholm.

This is because the guards who were on duty station, could not cope with about 20 people who broke into the club on their own.

– They were too small to cope with the incident, which is believed to be out of the ordinary, she says Peter OSB, Officer in charge of the police district of Stockholm.

He continues:

– You have not done well at the entrance, and then burned it.

and grab

When police arrived at the site, they entered the club and threw n & # 39; drunk and violent people.

For n & # 39; yanstva taken care of two people, one of them had to be arrested for threats to public officials to officials, fierce resistance, drug addiction due to their own use and violation of doping regulations.

– We are going forward, and then accept the removal decision. And so we push them away from the area, make it a quiet and pleasant ", – says Peter CAP.

On Sunday morning, the officer-keeper Anders Mettsan could say that 17 people who were removed from their seats, were taken to Valentunu outside Stockholm.

"Too much of a coincidence"

What is an incident, it is not clear, but police said it was co-ordinated action.

– It feels too much of a coincidence and too many people, because it is unplanned, – says Peter CAP.

The police will talk with witnesses to find out whether it has been subjected to a crime.

On their website the police says that a presentation was made about the illegal violation, violation of official and attack.

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