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"I live on those who love me," Gothenburg Posts


Jacob Seterberg "between jobs," as it is commonly called. Earlier this year, he finished recording the second season of "The second yoke," a comedy series for Felix Herngrensa SVT. He also has a couple of things that happen in the fall, but it is difficult to simply relax and enjoy your vacation. If it gets too quiet, stress arises over what to do next.

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– I do not think I've really built for the life of a freelancer. I have to work from nine to five years, with the holidays and such. But now I'm an actor, and then it belongs to, each time to finish the job, and you do not know what to do. This is when you begin to view education directories, haha.

Early childhood actor

He was born in the industry as the son of a teacher of drama and film producer. His father worked with director Ian Truel, which led to the fact that Jacob got his first, a thriving little acting work as a very little in the film "Bang!" And "the engineer Andrea Travel".

Then he knew what he wanted to work – despite the slight decrease in the average school age – and at this time he joined the Grotesco, humorous group, which was established in Lidone, where he grew up, Jacob and many other members. They did a television show and performance in Skalateatryne in Stockholm, and Jacob describes himself as a mercenary in the ensemble.

Sometimes remind him why he's an actor. Photo: Magnus Andersen / TT

He is not directly involved in the script, but it gets a list of 20-30 roles to perform during the recording. Then take on the job, in which you try to change the role or participate in shaping the content. Which, of course, is possible if you have long worked together, Jacob says.

– The more we talk, the more we characterize what we write and what is described in Grotesco series.

Working with suzhyvannem

His partner Emma Malin, also with & # 39; is a member Grotesco, also showed that it is possible to join a group of scripts for several years. They both play against each other in the family comedy "The second yoke." "Wonderful and tedious" – these are words that describe the cooperation with your partner.

– I would say that it is both positively and negatively. It is very interesting to have the same job, because you can always talk about work, and we understand each other, even if you can also get tired. It's not exactly helpful to the relationship involved 24 hours a day.

According to him, he sometimes had to think about the choice, but then something with a & # 39 appeared, and he was again reminded why he is – an actor. Although he never ceases to amaze at how difficult profession.

Jacob Hsieh

mountain pipettes


'22 on 22 July.


Actor, comedian and member of the humorous group Grotesco.


Bagarmossen, Stockholm.

something & # 39; I:

Sambo Emma Molina, is also an actor. Two children, Omar, 10, Sonja, 7 years.

How to celebrate my birthday:

"Hopefully, it will begin with breakfast in bed, when my children Emma and remember it and finish the wine, women and singing or other latzho-laybanami". It is not planned, but I am open to all suggestions. "

Filling of 45:

"It's a bit like the review I just read a Backstreet Boys concert." At this age, something to move, if they still sing their old songs. "This refers to the few things in life, and it can feel a little boring. But at the same time, incredibly much better, and if I get a little superficial, I think people just improved in years. "

It reads as follows:

"Paper Magazine."

Looking for:

"TV Series" Fleabag "on Amazon Prime. Humor with very good content."

Bother me:

"Mosquitoes are now, but the injustice in general."

– I'll never be smart in this work. It's always what you are dirty and others with whom you are getting better success. So I do not even know if I'm going to call myself an actor. I'm trying to be an actor.

If humor – this is one of the legs on which it stands, childhood – more. Jacob Seterberg participated in programs such as "Bobster" and "Piñata", as well as a number of UR productions. The public has something special, he said.

– there are no filters in children, they go straight and say, "I'll let you know if you're on TV, and you're the one …" Such a special significance, at least here in the Stockholm area, where no adult person does not want to show that recognizes it. I think it's very good.

viewers decide

Here he explained that explains what causes it further in this tough industry and why his car & # 39; EPA complex. This audience decide.

– I have a lot of incredibly much better actor than I am, therefore, actually about a little love for the person that you like my charisma, what I say, or something with my appearance.

– I know for myself, what I like the actors, they are not always the best. I think that I live in that there is an audience that loves me.

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