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"I've never seen Roe search for the underlying problem – they must win on Monday"


It was 27 seconds, when the center of Seaside Andrew Rowe received a match penalty for the main challenge to the Leksands Martin Karlsson.

How do you see the situation?


From my seat in the stadium, it was extremely difficult to assess directly. As Martin Carlson was located deep in a duel that took place between him and the sea Andrew Rowe Leksand player so that I had the worst face on.

However, after watching the replay, my assessment is that the 5 + 20 & # 39 is tough. Really hard.

Although, of course, anyone can make a mistake or act of nature of waiting, so I have to run that – after all matches have seen Mora – I've never seen Andrew ~ d His search for a tackle during a match.

And my very personal assessment, he did not do it today either.


It actually felt very stiff at first glance. And even then, I think that the match penalty situation feels very heavy. It should have been enough to take offense, I think.

It Blindside. Handball in the penalty area. However, the match was the penalty? Hmmm. I'm not sure if the rig really got in my head.

There Leksand 2-0 advantage in the series of games, something that has never happened in the last two qualifiers Dali.

What is the reason?


It feels a bit cheap to say that leadership with the & # 39 is the root cause of all.

But I would still say that Roger Melin feels absolutely the right direction for this task.

John the nuts, which always plays sacrificial sacrifice eleventh finger there, Jesper Ollas similarly. Something happened to Leksand lagsjäl and it points to the ice.

Then Axel Brahe was able to raise itself at the right time.

He became a goalkeeper confidently sit on.


Leksand play relaxed and seem to have fun on the ice. There's no pressure.

I also think the players are smart and cool in ice and really take advantage of all their positions, and especially in the power play.

Goalkeeper Axel Brage still a great game between the posts and there is a huge crowd behind them.

In addition, it is clear that Roger Melin ordered that the players should not venture into any fights or other things, and instead focus on their own game.

Mora is in Example 0-2 and need to win at home on Monday.

Do you think the mental part of Mick for a shocker?


Yiwu, well ,, well.

Mora had a knife to my throat, playing must match, then dash battle is resolved. Since the regular season ended not played the game in the next two weeks, and now "thrown" to enter into the classifier.

Against Leksand will be just right after the game the two playoff series and the playoffs.

If the mental part will fall into place at any time, and Moore found fangs sur & # 39; ozna, so Jalas Arena on Monday, as it can be.

Mora has during the season proved that miracles can happen in hockey barn near the sea.

But you will not find his A-game psychologically there so I find it hard to believe that you will find it in the fourth match in Tegera Wednesday.

Crossroads. Vital. Crucial.

Three words to describe the match on Monday.


Very interesting position, of course.

Leksand there without pressure and can play more relaxed.

This will be a problem for Mats Lust and ledarstaben.

Mora whipped to win without giving Leksand match ball. It remains, of course, see. I think, Mora replacement goalkeeper and throws Christian Engstrand. Qualifying hero can save Mick home. Something similar may be required.

Mora has to win. Otherwise, it will be difficult, very difficult.

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