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Mick Jagger forced surgery – for the discovery health


Rock band Rolling Stones to cancel their North American tour, which was to last from April to July. The group released a press release on Saturday.

As the cause of the above health problems singer Mick Jagger, but the press release does not go into the way in which Jagger sick. Instead, the artist explains only that he was sorry, will have to adjust.

– I hate that the fans are disappointed, and I am very disappointed to postpone the trip. But I'm looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as possible, say, Mick Jagger in a press statement.

Finding that health problems

Now, according to The Mirror, that Mick Jagger has to undergo surgery, so the tour is set.

75-year-old singer discovered his health problems when he was a routine check, and he must then told he needs surgery, and should be available for at least three months.

Informant The Mirror claims that Mick Jagger devastated by the news.

– Mick devastated organize a tour if necessary, but he knows that they have to prioritize their health. He is very professional, and it is unusual for him to take time off – so everyone wants him to be fully fit again, says an informant to the mirror.

Although Mick Jagger must have surgery, it is not out of & # 39; is to be life threatening. Doctors gave the news that the singer must be able to be completely healthy after surgery.

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