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New Report: Health Damage can be avoided by contributing 1,400 deaths per year


– There are many patients suffering from injury. All feed injury is not a & # 39 are the suras & # 39; serious, but it is important to understand the damage that gives the most serious & # 39; serious consequences for patients, so care can focus on the most urgent measures, said Carina Skoglund, National Expert Council in the field of patient safety.

About eight per cent or 110,000 of all refers to all types of physical illness are injured each year in health care. Analysis of the National Board of Health shows that a large part of the damage which leads to serious & # 39; oznyh consequences such as death or permanent disability can be avoided.

Essential for proper device

The Government has given the National Council to develop a plan of action to improve patient safety. An important element to the & # 39 is that the patient receives care at the appropriate level and employees with the right skills:

– Patients are placed where employees may not have the skills for this particular medical condition is to have a higher risk of health injuries. Or no place in the orthopedics, perhaps, a patient who needs care, which is placed on women's health clinic or medical department instead, says Carina Skoglund.

If the patient is not treated in health care who have special knowledge of and responsibility for the patient, it is called outsourcing. This can happen if, for example, not enough space on the device, the patient had to get help. In recent years, the number of patients who were transferred increased.

– It can, for example, mean that the staff not as accustomed to observe signs of deterioration.

The most serious & # 39; serious damage to health

About 1 400 people die every year as a result of the health injury. The most common injury, which contributes to the death of a & # 39 are infections such as pneumonia and blood poisoning.

– It is important that prevention of infection develops, but also to care for each patient with the right skills at the right level, says Carina Skoglund.

The Action Plan will be completed before the end of the year and will include common objectives, activities and patient safety monitoring plan.

– If it is possible to reduce the amount to zero, we do not know, but the goal is to reduce these injuries, says Carina Skoglund.

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