Saturday , April 17 2021

Researcher: How long have you been on this summer vitamin D – Nybro News – 24 hours a day

It was a record-warm and sunny summer in Sweden this year, and those who took the opportunity to spend time outdoors have received a lot of vitamin D from sunlight. When the sun ultraviolet radiation strikes the skin begins a chemical reaction that forms a vitamin D, and the sun today with & # 39 is the best source of vitamin. During a really sunny summer day, the fourth body is up to 20 minutes to produce much more of vitamin D, than the recommended daily dose.

But how long will in fact, the body's vitamin D store? Because fat-soluble is stored in adipose tissue, but not indefinitely, writes

– Those who think that it is enough until next summer does not think it's wrong. Vitamin D has a half-life of from three weeks to two months, he says Johan MalmProfessor of Clinical Chemistry, Lund University

There may be exposed The sun, which can not be converted into vitamin D in the body until the last of the autumn equinox, the sun is too low to produce vitamin D, enter the site. Since, therefore, up to two months, it is stored in the adipose tissue. But the bearings are one big and on time at the hands of a very individual, by Johan Malm. Overweight, dark-skinned and older are more difficult to produce and store of vitamin D, enter the site.

But even people with good vitamin D uppdag from the sun can not save value anywhere. For those who do not eat vitamin D foods like fatty fish (such as herring and salmon), but also wild mushrooms (eg chanterelles), it can be a good application of vitamin D during the fall to the spring equinox in March. Food recommended daily dose is 10 micrograms.

– You can not be poisoned by vitamin D from the sun or diet. But large amounts of vitamin D. can in rare cases lead to poisoning, says Johan Malm

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