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Responsible Gaming: The sharp increase – women in most


In recent months, the debate has been hot on gambling and gambling advertising, and now shows the poll conducted by Public Health Agency of exactly how bad it is in Sweden.

According to authorities, the number of Swedes sur & # 39; serious drug problems has increased dramatically over the past three years. Between 2015-2018, the number of people classified as gambling increased by 45 percent, from about 31,000 to 45,000 people.

– Trends of this kind is always unpleasant. This shows that something is going on that we should try to find a way to limit changes and says Ula Romild, Public Health Agency of Research Fellow and the man who led the research, he said.

30,000 children may be affected

It estimates that up to 30,000 children live in the seven & # 39; pits, where one or more parents have a gambling problem.

– Problem gambling is very far-reaching consequences of mental illness and suicide problem, which also affects some & # 39; nd and relatives. We do not know what it costs to society, but it is quite a lot of money, says Romild.

More and more women who play online casino.

photo: news agency TT

The study also shows that the increase of the Swedes with substance abuse problems with the & # 39 is the largest in women – Women now account for 64 per cent of them. This compares with 18 per cent, as measured by exhibited in 2015. According Romild this may be because the gaming companies have begun to define more against women, while more women than ever play at an online casino.

Shekarabi: «The greatest risk game advertising"

Civil and Consumer Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi was difficult for advertising campaigns rates in recent years. He called, including representatives of game companies to a meeting to discuss how advertising can be adjusted – but was not happy after that.

– I've always said that if the industry does not come with a self-regulating it, we will need to tighten up the laws.

Now they say Shekarabi TT, the figures from the Public Health Agency demonstrates the problem and that the government "in the near future" will present how to proceed.

– In this situation, I do not rule out any options, I even met with the representatives of the Governments of Italy and looked at a total ban on gambling advertising. This is our last resort option, he says Shekarabi said.

As research

More than 5,000 Swedes aged 16-87 were asked to answer questions about their gambling «SWELOGS» study. The collection was made in the autumn of 2018 through online surveys, interviews & # 39; on the phone and by mail th. Reviewed by 38 percent.

Full research «SWELOGS» has been operating since 2008 and with the & # 39 is one of the world's largest wide population-based studies on the relationship between gambling and health.

Source: TT

Call here if you have a problem with gambling

People who encounter problems or are worried about their gambling can call for free and anonymously to the support line at telephone number 020-819100.

The line is aimed at people who play and relatives. Those who work on the guide is sworn to secrecy.

Manual work Psychiatry Research Center commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Source: TT

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