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"Taught for the whole day"


Malmö. Franz Brorsson with & # 39 is the only player who did not uttagningsbar Malmo FF vs. Hacken OK in the morning, allowing Markus Rosenberg from the & # 39 is part of the first team Allsvenskan.
– We have a player, not Rosenberg, who has a small sensor, says Uwe Rosler.

The big question is, who is standing in front of the prime minister's & # 39; er Squad Malmo FF was on Markus Rosenberg in the end, will have time to get healthy, the IDF encountered BK Hacken morning. This it can be, and with the & # 39 is part of a team of 20 people.

– It is fully trained today. We'll see how he reacts tomorrow, says Uwe Rosler on the football channel.

In addition to Rosenberg, is another player who looks MMF decide later.

– We have a player, not Rosenberg, who has little recognition.

Levitsky returned after the sensor smaller and absorption Berget, Rakipov, Dusen Melichark Anel and Ahmed Hozhich, all with. Only one not trained fully today was Franz Brorsson, not with.

Malmo FF National team: Johan Dahlin, Dusen Melichark, Eric Larson, Andreas Vindheym, Lasse Nielsen, Behrang Safari, Rasmus Bengtsson, Anel Ahmed Hodich, Levitsky, Fuad Bachayr, Arnor Traustason, Anders Christiansen Rakipov, Soren Rieks, Romney Gall, Marcus Antonsson, Jo Inge Mountain , Molins, Markus Rosenberg, Strandberg

Previous eleven: Dahlin – Nielsen, Bengtsson, Safari – Vindheim, Kristians, Bachirou, Gall / Traustason, Ricks – Antonsson, Molins / Mountain

Broadcast from the meeting with the Malmö Hekkenom starts at 18:30 and is broadcast on Sports Channel and broadcast on C More.

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