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Uncertain Future Peter Anderson in Malmö RedHawks


Peter Andersson makes his third season as the head coach of Malmö. Now the future of a big question mark.

If the Evening Post confronts him about his future at the club, the answer is very superficial.

– We will discuss the future, he says.

Want to comment on this further?

– No, I have nothing more to say.

Patrick Silvegard was in place, and saw Frölundaborg RedHawks drive from SM-finals. He will be genuinely surprised when he learns that it is very doubtful answers Peter Andersen about the future?

– What? He said so? For whom?

For us. In a television interview & # 39; nd we did.

– I've got to sit down with him here tomorrow or Tuesday. We need to sit down and go through.

– His answer sounds very strange. I get Fronta him and ask what he meant. Because in my book, he has a contract with us, and my goal is that it will be on our stand this fall.

There is interest on the part of Europe

Sources Evening Post says there is interest in Peter Andersen in southern Europe.

There's no information Sylvester Farm or feels Andersson comments.

– We offered him an extension that it does not. This may be something to it, we'll see. But we do not know anything, and we assume that Peter was in the stall to fall, says Patrick Silvegard.

RedHawks went after two consecutive finals in the quarterfinals.

Peter Andersson explanation of an early exit from the playoffs, and that was a problem all season.

– exit the game. We are completely different teams at home and away. This we need to get to the bottom and find out, Anderson says.

The question is whether it will be Peter Andersson, or someone who works for the head coach. Now this issue is wide open, after a confused response.

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