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4K TVs are conveniently available with HDR on Saturn


Who are looking for the OLED-TV, now lucky: Amazon sells LG OLED55B87LC 55-inch TV at an affordable price. We tell you whether the purchase is worth.

conveniently available 4K TV with HDR on Saturn: 55-inch, the OLED TV from LG

Source: LG.

OLED-TV from LG on Saturn for 1097 euros

Updated on 2019/04/29 at 20:35: Saturn is on sale. At the same time, Amazon continues along and offers OLED-TV at the same price. Those who can not take the TV when Saturn will pay 39.99 EUR shipping costs. No delivery is not on Amazon.

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Compared with LG OLED55B8LLA described below in LG OLED55B87LC technically equipped with the same can be visually but differ slightly.

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OLED-TVs cost a few thousand euros, and back. Meanwhile 4K models most brands approach 1000 euros. Saturn is currently on. Amazon responded immediately and demand. Both dealers are not delivery is not on. Thus, you can easily choose between Saturn and Amazon, whichever suits you dystryb & # 39; yutarav.

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Saturn and Amazon also provide relatively quickly. You do not have to wait long for his new 4K OLED-TV.

Tips and tricks for shopping at Amazon:

Buy at Amazon: These 18 tricks everyone should know.

LG OLED55B8LLA: What's good for OLED-TV?

I am personally a big fan of OLED TVs from LG. I have an older generation with full HD and slightly curved screen resolution. LG OLED55B8LLA with & # 39 is flat and has a 4K resolution. Black levels are perfect, the colors intense and 4K resolution at 55 inches you have a high definition image. But Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is also some public television stations already provide 4K content ready. Of course, you can use the full resolution of the case. My colleague Frank has this particular TV model and LG are very satisfied by his own admission. In addition to the excellent picture quality he likes especially operations with Air Mouse remote control the LG, which even includes a button to quickly launch applications with Netflix and Amazon – that the application is updated regularly, as well as support HDR content. There is also a handy feature for Voice Search by tapping the button on the remote control, which can also watch YouTube in addition to Netflix and Amazon and Google integrates assistant. Even discreet design convinced him.

LG OLED55B8LLA well as Saturn and Amazon is considering the good, the buyer will receive. This current generation in 2018, which has worked well even in the Stiftung Warentest. He built a twin-triple tuner with which you can get a serial TV through the most common "suppliers" in Germany. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of HDMI ports available for connection, e.g., a console or receiver. With intelligent features TV, you can use the Netflix directly to the TV. WLAN-AC and wireless. Dolby Atmos speakers deliver rich sound, so you can enjoy movies and series, even without a separate Soundbar well. Of course, there is a leading model for which it takes a little deeper into their pockets – but who wants to enjoy the top picture, but for which there is a reasonable investment is now a very good price.

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