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7 reasons why Tom Lee Bitcoin (BTC) will explode in 2020


Whether it is well-known for its over-optimistic forecasts of Bitcoin prices. At this time, it strengthens in an interview with & # 39; nd CNBC seven reasons.

In an interview with & # 39; nd CNBC duration Bitcoin Bull and spend the fund Global Mitgrüner, Tom Lee said that Bitcoin in 2020 will reach new heights, making it clear the $ 20,000 that the United States will exceed the mark. Or is known for its inflated price forecasts, but that it is based on the 7 important reasons for it.

  • Bitcoin Halving comes

    Every four years, Bitcoin block reward will be doubled in order to maintain a strict 21 million Bitcoin power. This gives Bitcoin artificial shortage that creates an inherent value. Halving the next one will be held 23 th 2020 Post As the experience of the past, the Bitcoin price has increased one year before the event. Meanwhile Lee believes that the proposal will be reduced, and will halve the Bitcoin Rally skip momentum.

  • On the & # 39; Bitcoin trading volume almost reached the record level

    As previously reported, on the & # 39; Bitcoin trading volume once again hit a record high of & # 39; volume. Or points to an important point in January 2019, as a & # 39; trading volume compared with the previous year was positive again. Or noted the growing acceptance of Bitcoin in Venezuela and Turkey.

    "If you only need these two countries, they account for about 30 percent of the increase in the chain of activities, so that much. People say, "Look, I do not trust the local currency. I do not trust banks. I will be using Bitcoin. "And this is the reason why in the chain of the & # 39; volume increases."

  • Bitcoin has left the moving average 200 (MA200) for

    Earlier this month, the Bitcoin left moving average 200 (MA200) behind it, which is a & # 39 is a strong bullish sign. The last time this happened in October 2015 and with Bitcoin launched two years Bullrun with.

  • Fund Trats Bitcoin Misery Index with & # 39 is positive

    Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) measures the mood of investors through a combination of volatility, prices and trading activity of Bitcoin. In April of this peaked from mid-2016 Lee sees this as a sign that the bull market is formed, since only during bull markets high values. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that Bitcoin last time when the body mass index has reached this point, there was a decrease by 25 percent.

  • Vending Bitcoin OTC increased from 60 percent to 70 percent

    According to the poll Fund waste institutional investors flocking to the OTC markets in Bitcoin. They are located outside the major stock exchanges and do reportedly half the entire shopping & # 39; Bitcoin volumes. He considers that this is achieved by 60 percent to 70 percent, that & # 39 is a sure sign that the "big money" flowing into the market.

    "In fact, it is important with regard to act as institutional investors the crypt."

  • Conclusion – Bitcoin has bottomed

    Or points to a handful of "original» Bitcoin police, who believe that I've already seen the lowest rates in the history of Bitcoin. He argues that repeatedly Bitcoin whales, which led to the beginning of 2018 the money market, are now investing their money in Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Golden Cross

    Last Li pays attention to the technical indicator the "Golden Cross". This is another positive indicator that confirms the traditionally bullish breakout. He asked his followers to Twitter, of which 43 per cent, "Golden Cross" view as positive.

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