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Aldi Widow settles in with the descendants in the will


Aldi's widow Cecilia Albrecht blames rich heir in the Nord Aldi supermarket network. In her will, she wanted to prevent her daughter and their children are taking important positions in the company showed.

Cecilia Albrecht († 92) established with the husband Theo († 88) discounter Aldi Nord Empire. Until his death in November 2018, she plays an important role – Aldi was her life. As the "Bild am Sonntag" reported her will was opened in February, the district court in Essen. This clearly shows that contained "Cecily" their descendants.

After her last will, of five children of her deceased son Berthold group Aldi Nord should not matter. The newspaper quoted the widow of a testament: "The horrific events of James Fund … cost me many sleepless nights. Because I understand that I can not allow the same or similar things … even comes close St Mark Foundation ".

Disputes inherited foundations

Billion discounter group has three pillars – with the name of Mark, Luke and James. They are designed to protect against Aldi Nord traps over. 61 percent of the main shareholder Markus fund. Make important decisions every three foundations have to agree.

For power in the James Fund last year a bitter dispute over the inheritance with her daughter Babette Albrecht and five children torches. In recent years, Babette Albrecht and five children would be to distribute more than 100 million euros from the James Fund. She won "Cicely" and son Theo in court.

Now, according to a study conducted by "Bild am Sonntag" Theo Albrecht and his daughter, to save all the influence in the group. Five grandchildren and Babette should be kept away from the board of the influential Markus Fund. So he wants to Albrecht Cecilia in the will.

"Unsuitable for taking senior responsibility"

Even at her funeral in November 2018, five grandchildren and her daughter were excluded from the dumping.

"Cecilia," writes further in his will: "With this certificate, I am responsible for maintaining the philosophy of our family & # 39; and group Aldi Nord to serve and promote them, thereby lose their own interests and in practice, in a discreet and modest lifestyle. "

Children her son Berthold has challenged precisely this philosophy, and therefore "unsuitable for Mark Foundation in acquiring the leading responsibility." (NBS)

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