ARD stopped the last cult-episode series in March 2020


The weekly ARD series "Lindenstraße" will not continue after more than 34 years. The TV program conference from ARD has declared a majority of extensions to production contracts with the Geissendörfer film and television production, said a press release. But separation will not last until March 2020, when the last episode airs.

Volker Herres, Director of the First German Television Program, said: "Conference on TV programs from ARD does not make this decision easy, because & # 39; Lindenstraße & # 39; is an icon on German television that has accompanied us for decades." This is a reflection of the history and development of our republic. He has set an accent that will remain influential – the benefits of committed and passionate makers. "

But, so argued Herres, calm and sorry to note: The interest of the audience and our unavoidable savings were not in accordance with the production costs for the high-quality series. "Then the ARD program director still scattered the rose of Hans W. Geßßörörfer as the father of" He and his successor, Hana Geißendörfer, and all contributors, who have our respect and thanks. "

Since 1985 on the ARD screen

Since its launch on 8 December 1985, "Lindenstraße" has told the fate and life story of West and all-German Germany on a fictional residential street in Munich. The weekly was actually filmed at the WDR studio in Cologne-Bocklemnd, with hundreds of actors and tens of thousands extra to date. The outside view of "Lindenstraße" is 150 meters long, for shooting there are always 100,000 props available.

For their fans, "Lindenstraße" has succeeded, with its constellation of numbers, to reflect the diversity of social life and its development in a realistic way. Again and again, this series tells provocative stories that stimulate discussion and often cause noise.

Anniversary: ​​30 years Lindenstraße
1 of 22Photo: dapd06.12.2015 16:40The Lindenstraße is 30 years old. The series took place in Munich, but was known to be filmed in Cologne.

The truth is: "Lindenstraße" has changed and developed continuously for decades. But it helped and it didn't help: the quota collapsed. What is also related to this: Besides "Lindenstraße" more soap joins as a life companion for the audience. The ARD Weekly has become a storyteller among others. And grayer and older ones. The "Lindenstraße" only loses part of its audience. What's left is hardcore fans.

WDR TV Director Jörg Schönenborn said, "All involved can be very proud, because they have done with & # 39; Lindenstraße & # 39 ;, which no other German series has succeeded in: from generation to generation, in the midst of day-to-day life day-to-day, the main social and political issues of the map. "At the same time he expressed understanding that the economic conditions of ARD had changed and production had to be reviewed.


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