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As well Ferrari really!



Vettel resignation from & # 39 is a problem, but …

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has expressed The Times about his plans for the future. "My contract is valid until [einschließlich] 2020. I am sure that I really want to go this year and next year. And after that, I do not know how these rules will look like. Until now, no one knows, "said Vettel.

He believes his future commitment to do well and probably also depends on what Formula 1 is developing in what direction. Vettel has criticized the transformation of a series of good and says .. "Many of the values ​​that were once so far only partially, because Formula 1 is now more show business and sport This can probably be said of other sports, but there are transfers may not be so much on the individual athlete, as in formula 1. "

In addition, too much discussion about the possible future scenarios. Vettel: "We spend time and energy on the rules that are just expensive – for nothing."


Video Analysis: Who can Ferrari be dangerous?

my colleagues Edd Straw and Ben Anderson analyze the paddock of Formula 1 in Bahrain, the possibility of Mercedes and Red Bull Ferrari even be dangerous in a race. Ferrari or untouchable because of sovereign performance in qualifying, as we have already "over" and the 999th Grand Prix in Formula 1 history? listen Here's what the experts say!

Where you get a full starting grid!

What we learn from this: qualifying in Bahrain

Ferrari suddenly Lone Peak, Mercedes lags, of Renault disappointed: We analyze the paddock in Bahrain as it happened More Formula 1 Video


And so …

… we turn our attention to F1. Because while Start of the race at 17:10 (CEST) we still have a lot to discuss here in the ticker! So, let the best start immediately with it … 😉


Read: Mick Schumacher's debut in Formula 2

Double points at the first Formula 2 race weekend: Mick Schumacher made a good start in his debut season in the junior series. Here you can read about what happened to him and the other Formula 2 talents in detail:

The report of the first race
Report 2nd race


Display: Mick Schumacher is seen in Formula 2 in the air!

This was the first of the & # 39; advent of Mick Schumacher in Formula 2. The next time he is on the 27 and 28 April 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan in action. And you can track the son of world champion Michael Schumacher's live and exclusive in his first season in Formula 2 – live stream on F1 TV! After all the races of Formula 2 will be passed this year, including the expert comments in English.

F1 to open an account and track the growth of TV Mick Schumacher live!


P6 for Schumacher in the sprint race

Mick Schumacher finished the Formula 2 sprint race in Bahrain in the sixth. The victory went to Luke Ghiotti before Sergio Sette Nicholas Komar and Latif. Zhou Guanyu and Luis Deltras also stayed ahead of Schumacher.

Here get complete results of the race!

After two positions of points in the opening two races of the year Schumacher finished eighth in the standings. Leader with a & # 39 is Bahrain Ghiotto.

Where you get the current formula 2 standings!


The penultimate round: Change!

Luke Ghiotti returns to the top sprint formula 2 – and after the change of tires, which put it back to the center of the field.

Mick Schumacher is recorded after 22 to 23 in the sixth circles after Guanyu Zhou passed him.


Deletraz overtook Schumacher

Mick Schumacher fell again: Luis Deltras took fourth place at the end of the back straight. Although Schumacher set shortly after a counterattack, but remained Deletraz forward.


Schumacher only the fourth

Luke concludes his advantage Ghiotti tires and Mick Schumacher processed without much struggle. This puts Schumacher only in fourth place, and has – at the moment – again lost the first Formula 2 podium.


run the last 5 laps

Sergio Sette Camara leads five laps to go, but it is under massive pressure Nicholas Latim. For Mick Schumacher followed P3, but it has already Luca Ghiotti behind – and is known to be fresh tires …


The big question is …

… Or a one-stop strategy according to Luke and Co. Ghiotti better than to go through without changing tires. The next rounds will be shown. Currently working Ghiotto clearly faster times and top the group, probably caught up quickly again. Mick Schumacher so far, but, of course, on P3 in the race.


Pit stops at the top

Mick Schumacher a new third in the sprint race in Bahrain. Reason: Luke Ghiotti and Nick De Vries bent to replace the tires and thus fell out of the top flight. But: with the soft tire, they will restore …


Schumacher settles P5

Mick Schumacher donkey after ten laps in Formula 2 sprint race in Bahrain fifth. He drives within the reach of Nick De Vries, who caught up with him recently.


Side of Formula 2 is destroyed …

So a huge interest in Mick Schumacher and Formula 2, which is on the official website of the series, including a live-time is no longer available: many called simultaneously. Servers, apparently failed …


Schumacher outside the top three

After four rounds in Bahrain Mick Schumacher is no longer listed in the upper third of the winner of Saturday's Nicholas Latifi was the Germans and Nick De Vries surpassed. Schumacher, so now in fifth place. This causes the time Luke Ghiotti.


The change of leadership in Bahrain …

… and Mick Schumacher first place followed by: Sergio Sette Camara Germans initially curve 1 redesigned, making it the new leader in the race Formula 2.

And for Schumacher, he goes on: Luke Ghiotti was also on the Formula 2 novice. After three rounds of back Schumacher only a third of the 20 drivers.

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