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Aspirin can be used as a cure for life-threatening tuberculosis!


Aspirin to combat global killer infection

Aspirin belongs without doubt the most well-known analgesic, especially when it comes to headaches. The active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid has been used for over 100 years and is known for its analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning effect. But popular painkillers can do more: Australian researchers have recently found that aspirin is effective against the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world: tuberculosis.

Century Institute recently revealed in a study of aspirin for the treatment of tuberculosis. This is particularly interesting in the treatment of constantly expanding the resistant form of the disease, in which the casting of more than antibiotics. The findings are published in the "Journal of Infectious Diseases."

Tuberculosis & # 39 is the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world

In 2018, the WHO said in a statement in the report that tuberculosis & # 39 is the sura & # 39; oznym infectious disease of our time. Every year about 10 million people are diagnosed with severe lung disease. 1.6 million people die from it. As a separate threat of antimicrobial resistance forms considered to be suffering from 2017 about 558,000 people. The most effective anti-TB drugs can not help with this type of disease.

unexpected assistant

Who would have thought that all the time in the aspirin trials may improve this situation? The Australian research team led by Dr. Stefan Oehlers recognized animal model previously unknown disease process, the cause of tuberculosis bacteria. Aspirin may suppress this process and support the immune system to combat pathogens.

TB bacteria steal platelets

Researchers documented century-old institution on the zebrafish as tuberculosis bacteria platelets (thrombocytes) stolen from the coagulation system of the body and thus weaken our immune system. Using fluorescence microscopy, the team was able to observe the formation of blood clots and platelet activation to sites of infection.

Recently, the World Health Organization declared TB a dangerous infectious diseases in the world. Australian researchers have now discovered aspirin as a wonderful medicine. (Photo: Miriam Dö /

blood thinners to help in the fight against tuberculosis

This led to the hypothesis that tuberculosis bacteria stimulate platelets prevent the body's immune system. In further experiments, investigators have studied how bacteria behave when the blood is treated with blood-thinning agents such as aspirin. Through the effect of blood-thinning tuberculosis bacterium was no longer as effective in a position to influence the platelets, which ultimately led to the bacteria could be better fought by the immune system.

Aspirin as a newly opened savior

"Denmark gives us a previously unknown insight into the process of tuberculosis," Dr. Stefan Oehler in a press release on the results of the study. For the first time the team had the opportunity to observe real-time interaction of cells and to draw conclusions on the progress of the disease. "This opens up the possibility that antiplatelet therapy may be used to support the immune system makes to fight drug-resistant TB," study lead author adds Dr. Eleanor Hortle. The study will provide crucial evidence that aspirin is usually available for the treatment of severe tuberculosis and thereby save lives could have been used. (Vb),

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