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Bigben of & # 39; presents an overpass – New off-road trailer simulation


In October 2019 off-road simulator "Overpass" will be released on the market for PC and consoles. Today you can see the first trailer.

Bigben and Zordix race today new terrain modeling "Overpass", which will be released in October 2019 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch. The first trailer is also available for viewing. In the "Overpass" you control the gods and quadruple distances more extreme and dangerous territory.

"This simulation is in its genre and has a unique gamer skills on the rocky slopes, various courses and technical obstacles in the wild before the test. In addition, Overpass uses realistic physics engine and requires a precise control of speed and acceleration, as otherwise loss of traction, "it's called.

He adds: "Anyone who wants to master the game you need to control the technical characteristics of the officially licensed gods and quad-known brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Arctic Cat With differential lock, two- and four-wheel drive and Gearbox players have all the tools necessary to meet the opportunities. and the limitations of their vehicles and to meet any type of terrain. "

"In car mode, & # 39; EASURES gods and ATVs are managed and the best view of the terrain is suitable selected to compete with competitors and attract sponsors Multiplayer mode requires players know every detail of the routes and conquer. deliver the best of times and to show who is the master of off-road drivers, "because no further description.

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