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Bill and fear of the last stride


Bill and fear of the last stride

Biel can make history and be great Bill finally 36 years after his last win the title? This concern is a big question, after a 2: 6 defeat in Berne – and the answer to this question is already next Tuesday.

For twelve years, Mathieu Tschantré captain Bill Leitwolf. He is 35 years old in April. He never played for another club. With back posture (173 cm high) is titanium in the game rough boys. But titanium presidency, persistence, perseverance, will, courage, passion and intelligence. He embodies the recent history of the Bill.

We then reached 2 6 defeat in Berne at Biel can make history in this. Thus, a quick look back.

Mathieu Tschantré Image: PPR

Mathieu Tschantré started his car & # 39; career in 2001 in the NLB good team.

It restores a large team NLB, which rises to the NLA in 2008.

He survived in the big leagues a difficult year with a miserable Bilem that can not save twice before the seventh game League qualifiers.

He & # 39 is part of an average team that qualifies for the first time in 2012 for the play-offs.

He was there when the Bill is a good team, and in 2018 for the first time in the semi-finals of the fantastic.

And now he has a unique opportunity to be the first part of a large team of Bill 1983, to be with the last name. Therefore, if the bill has won the last championship, Mathieu Tschantré was not yet in the world.

The development of a good club Biel second highest for high in the major leagues was long and difficult. But even more difficult, the last step from good to great Bill.

This last step is a & # 39 is an initial foray into the finals at the expense of large SC Bern. The path to your own size via victories over large scales.

Biel succeeds in 2: 6 Bern winning reaction – Biel then took the first step to the nobility Great. Next Tuesday, this semifinal series will be decided in Biel. Defeats at home, of course, only in the equalizer to 2: Remove the second, but it would be the beginning of the end of the Bill.

Mathieu Tschantré sounds all this theory carefully and said that in the end. "Yes, it is." Predicate "great" was only in the final qualification.

Only in one place, it conflicts. Tuesday's game was not decisive. "We should not win this one game. We just have to win this series. "

Martin Steinegger Image: POL

Sporting director Martin Steinegger also agree with the theory that now with the & # 39 is the step from good to great Bill can be done. Next Tuesday's game it measures more important than his captain. Because it will show the game or the team will be able to react to the defeat in Berne.

This last step from "good" to "great" the most difficult. A year ago, the Bill are in the semi-final series against Lugano with 2: 0th And in the third game against groups of up to 27 minutes 3: 0-Gateway to the final wide open. But the blow was superior Sebastian Reilly to three (!): 1 brings a twist. Bill lost the game 3: 6 instead of 3: 0 in the series, he is only 2: 1 and finally loses Biel this semifinal with 4: 2.

Sebastian Reilly Photo: fuel / TI-PRESS

Though athletic director Martin Steinegger said that circumstances are now different. The past does not matter. But memories of that failure against Lugano back now, as an evil spirit. Bill and fear of the last stride.

Last Thursday, the initial approaches Bieler showed sizes: they are in the second half-time against a strong one the SCB: 2 ago and able to do, the game "turn" and win in extra time (3: 2 HB). During the game, a strong reaction was successful. Now we are talking about a strong reaction from one game to another.

Bieler that should worry a bit: they clearly dominated by a large SCB (38:20 Shots) and 6: It was the second defeat of "only" good SCB. But the SCB, finally, finally, he played for the first time in these playoffs from the first to the last minute hockey with excitement and enthusiasm. Approaches to this already with the & # 39 appeared last Thursday for 40 minutes.

If Berne opponent already in the bud, "struggle" in the attack caused forechecking, when they check in, run and shoot, to make the game, but not control, the Bieler needs.

Quite as simple as the result (6: 2), we can assume the reason for Berner, but it was not. So, perhaps, we will eventually say that the seventh minute of the third installment of "climax" of the series was. Thus, when Biel play has reached its peak and has since never in the sun reached this level.

Berner really decided grimly. You should. You can print out. You can Playoffs. You can semifinals. You can Finals. You can master. This DNA hockey major companies. Recently it differs by more good guys. Big learned to live with it, that more wins, as expected.

Jalonen Image: POL

But there is uncertainty in the initial phase. Jalonen has changed again. Not four international strikers like on Thursday in Biel. Only three (Mursak, Arcobello, Ebbett). Swedish defenseman Adam Almqvist rises from the platform and returned to the team. Attacks education Mixed Jalonen new. A sign that the immutable tactics and great self doubt SCB Welttrainer quiet. But it is also a sign that he is the right conclusions from the two defeats in the semifinals.

However, the gods of hockey must first open Bielern Final window for a few seconds. But Damien RMAT hits the post and after 20 seconds Jan Muršak hits over 7 minutes to 1: 0th

Bieler was a chance of 1: 0 is used, then the confidence in Bern was shaken badly. Maybe it would be – these are the words of those who lost. C 2: 0 (in the first game power) everything went through 14 minutes. Bill is not intended to be deployed in the state of their game.

Anti Thormann ignores the principle of "never change a winning team" ( "never put a winning team"). Coach Bill receives Finnish Center Jarno Kärki from the team and replaced it with a Canadian Striker Marc-Antoine Pouliot.

Jarno Kärki Image: POL

Powerful Finn was a victory in the first game in Bern (4: 2) plays a central role for the purpose of, and assistance to, and it was a triumph for the second game in Biel key figure: he unbuttoned the SCB captain Simon Moser washers and allowed Tony Rajan winning goal in extra time .

Director of Sporting Martin Steinegger polled for this personal decision. Was he agreed to this? He says that the decision was his coaches. "Of course, we talked about it, and I can understand the decision." What opinion? He had to bring the energy to the team with change. One of them was fresh impression of Canadians than Finnish.

Bill won, now it is estimated at this stage coach Bill widely. It was just schampar modern coach, who feels with a thin antenna, energy and his players have the courage to ignore the old teachings and make a winning team in a very emotional series. It probably would not have missed a polemical direction throw SCB: as you can see, that the young, cool coach can achieve, which is ranked in schablonenhaftem tactical thinking and ancient teachings.

anti Thormann Image: POL

But Bill Anti Thormann has against Kari Jalonens SCB 2: 6 and leads to the semi-finals only to 2: 1.

Cicero, the most famous orator of ancient Rome, once said, the cause of all things small.

Perhaps we realize in retrospect that the Anti Törmänens slight change was the cause of the failure and preserved Biel SCB and Jalonen to dismal failure. And why Biel is still good, but still not great.

Bill comes to the finale, all is forgiven and forgotten.

All NL-best scorer in qualifying since 2002/2003

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