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charges of murder: Tobias Kuster wanted to blackmail the authorities


Random victim M. p * († 42) died in Seefeld itself stabbed ex-inmate Tobias Küster (26). Now Custer and his prison buddy Irvidias M. accused (38) for murder. Because the murder was a threat to the Cantonal Council – and there were more than planned.

IT-expert M. p * († 42) sits on 30 June 2016 on a low wall in Zurich Seefeld, ass his dinner. Suddenly Tobias Caster (26), suddenly hit it in the neck and in the upper body and disappeared. Custer was on parole, went underground after that. After seven months, he can be arrested (VIEW reported).

Now he is accused of murder, as the Zurich Oberland prosecutor says. And not just him, his prison mate, Lithuanian bandit Irvidias M. * (38).

Letter to the Cantonal Zurich

There are also criminal acts preparatory to a number of murders, attempts to accuse the release of prisoners who mislead justice and crimes against several attempts of the Arms Act.

But what to do with the killing of Lithuanians in Seefeld? Irvidias M. serving eight years in Pöschwies. The fact that Custer in the same detention center was serving five years in prison for attempted extortion, unlawful imprisonment and other offenses. Two apparently wanted to secure the release of the Lithuanian blackmail letter.

Custer sent a letter to the strange murder in the cantons of Zurich Seefeld Parliament. In it he wrote that one should Irvidias M. immediate release. If you do not, he would have killed a random victim. If Lithuanians have not yet been released after a full kill, he killed more people.

Custer admitted that he himself wrote the ransom note. With the assassination of M.S. he put his threat into action.

Then the 23-year-old soon Kuster served his sentence, Adrian kegs prosecutor says. "A vacation from the & # 39 is the perfect boat for such a plan."

Fleeing, he produced more murders

Besides Küster other people in the canton of Jura in 2017, was arrested. Perhaps volatile prisoners had taken refuge there. Before his arrest, January 18, 2017 Custer was on the move. as it announced in the blackmail letter – during which time he has more murders was prepared. This included an attempt to purchase illegal weapons on the darknet.

Both Kuster and Irvidias M. in prison. While the Swiss has made a partial confession, Lithuanian defendant denies the alleged crimes.

"They both have a long criminal history," said the prosecutor keg. The list of crimes committed in Lithuania for a long time. "He extorted millions from Zurich," says kegs. Zurich District Court sentenced the man threatened the Lithuanians in 2012, when he received 20 million francs, it will blow at the airport, railway station and bomb schools. Billionaire Thomas Schmidheiny he threatened to kill him if he did not pay him 50 million francs. (Neo / FIR / ha / SDA)

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