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Conflicts among doctors – How stressful is excitement in Kispi for concerned parents – News



In the context of University Children's Hospital Zurich (Kispi) he rattles in a few weeks. The study «10vor10» shows that the raging debate among doctors. This is especially true for parents of patients and stress, reported a couple who lost his daughter in Kispi.

Sina Therese Weckermann was only five months. Daughter of Daniel and Johnna Weckermann was the end of the year at the University Hospital of Zurich in the world. Due to the serious illness from heart disease, the child was transferred immediately after the birth of the children's hospital. There he died on March 25th.

Blow struck parents. In an interview with & # 39; w, they clearly show that they have no intention of looking for someone to blame for their child's death. I must admit that their daughter was born sur & # 39; ozna ill, Kispi not guilty.

Tensions among doctors

However, tensions between doctors and felt very stressful couple says. Internal differences between the groups would be, for example, means that important information was lost between departments. In addition, parental objection and questions have been too little noticed.

It is close to your heart to tell you that now many do not round the course at the Children's Hospital Zurich, struck by Father Daniel Weckermann says: "This includes two aspects: the internal differences between the teams, which are obvious to parents during the course of treatment. On the other hand, the fact that the Children's Hospital of poorly communicated with the parents, "says his father. "Children's Hospital has problems to deal with parents who have a very clear view for the treatment of their children, and make known as an objection."

Communication needs to be improved

Disagreement among the experts available in the children's hospital, apparently, for some time. According to the research «10vor10» led the struggle of doctors from different departments, among other things, that the then head of cardiac surgery, Michael Hubler, had to leave the hospital in November. Hospital and Hubler agreed to silence section.

Mistakes were, but that occurred in the past in connection with the & # 39 is Martin Meuli, director of the department of surgery, tell the truth.

Director Meuli Clinic wants you to cooperate well in the treatment of "Interdisciplinary team members should, as far as possible, jointly define a strategy and say that it is diagnostically, what is being done for therapeutic purposes, which, because of this. And ideally, they should agree on how the wording in relation to the parents. "

Because the error occurred, "they want and need, and we will also work on these improvements communication," said Meuli.

Sensitive, despite all

Weckermann couple wanted to conclude with the death of his daughter, in spite of the criticism of the Children's Hospital. Therefore, they do not consciously autopsy. Impressive and emotional, that doctors were very sensitive to the death of their daughter and mourned with them – even those with whom they had a disagreement during a busy time in the children's hospital.

In the last hours of the life of his daughter, they were supported, says the mother Johnna Weckermann: «The whole department has closed the door so no one could interfere in grieve us. And the doctor, our daughter is crying with us for them. She ran her hand Sina how she died. "

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