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Dark chocolate is good for our brain health


Daily dark chocolate keeps the brain fit

It sounds too good to be true: I eat healthy chocolate to make something good. The Italian research team is currently in the study of the positive effects of dark chocolate on the brain health. Responsible for the effect of cocoa flavanols contained implies that the increase of the & # 39; the volume of blood in the brain and make it so powerful.

A team of researchers from the University of L'Aquila in Italy, tested the effect of dark chocolate on the brain. The researchers were able to establish the improvement of working memory and processing visual information on the consumption of chocolate. Older people who eat a little dark chocolate regularly can significantly improve their attention, processing speed and smoothness. The findings are published in the journal «Frontiers in Nutrrition».

Most people eat chocolate, of course, not to do something for their health. but they should! Regular consumption of dark chocolate can improve mental performance and memory protect from degradation. (Photo: picture-Graf /

Dark chocolate – a panacea for the brain?

The results showed some positive effects of chocolate consumption. Participants experienced among other things, improve the ability of cognitive performance. In addition, there is a dark chocolate and counteract the effects of sleep deprivation in women. In healthy young adults, however, the positive effects were evident in complex cognitive tests.

Improving the efficiency of the age more clearly

In elderly people, it was found that the cognitive function after daily consumption of dark chocolate have been improved. Factors such as attention, processing speed, memory and fluency were significantly affected. The strongest improvements already showed slight cognitive deficiencies before regular consumption was.

Why is dark chocolate good for your brain power?

According to the study, the so-called cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate are responsible for the beneficial effect. These flavanols have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and increase in the hippocampal brain of & # 39; blood volume. This area of ​​the brain extends the aging process is particularly hard-hit and be a potential source of age-related memory loss and limitations on the cognitive functions.

Cocoa flavanols to protect against age-related memory deterioration

"Our result shows the potential of cocoa flavanols to protect intellectual activities among vulnerable groups and improving," the authors of the study report Valentina Socci Michele Ferrara and the University of L'Aquila. Regular consumption of cocoa and chocolate may indeed have a positive effect on the power cord.

Note: Consciously enjoy!

"Nevertheless, there are potential side effects of eating cocoa and chocolate," give researchers have shown. It depends, in general, with a calorific value of chocolate together and with some additions, which are contained in chocolate, such as sugar, milk, caffeine and theobromine . in this way, regular consumption should always be aware and in small quantities.

Other health benefits of dark chocolate


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