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"Dreamboat" -Passagiere confused Florian Silbereisen – View


Guests at the «Love Boat» keep Florian Silbereisen for "real" employees on the ship. He tells his colleague Jock Uintersheydt in his podcast.

Florian Silbereisen (37) is facing the camera for a few weeks for the new "dream boat» -follow. He embodies the captain Max Prague. It even makes some confusion now chat moderator Jock Uintersheydta (40 "Nanny") in his podcast "All roads lead to fame" with.

As a result of the conversion to «Love Boat» Winter Scheidt was a guest on the show. Turn in "stories of love boat", acidic burp most of the old team (VIEW) reported.

Silbereisen with & # 39 is a curious confusion

But how he can come to this curious confusion? The "love boat" cruise, not only with the actors over the water. In fact, this is a common cruise ship, where guests can enter. Not surprisingly, the TV actors do not take place in time for the staff uniforms.

Winter Scheidt says: "Flo during a break in filming in the dress code the captain on board, and people always ask him if things. It's cute. "Especially Silbereisen he takes this confusion is interesting. Winter Scheidt further negotiations: "He comes in and says:" They just asked me if they can smoke in here. It is not, I know that "." (PAF)

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