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Election 2019 – Green remain high, SVP in freefall – News



Lucerne and Basel Country confirm two trends that have long been observed. The cantonal parliaments evergreens, but always remain. For the Greens their recent success in contrast to the earlier, not realized, due to the joint venture, but at the expense of the commoners. SVP sinks deeper into crisis, but also the CVP and FDP no longer get anywhere.

Green and Green Liberal: assessing climate

Of course, both parties benefit from the green of the current climate debate. Nevertheless, the success of the Green Party continues for some time. Since the last federal election in 2015 Greens won the majority of seats. The success of the Green Liberals can only be observed this year and remains limited in several cantons.

FDP: victory image disappears

Also confirmed in Lucerne and Basel Country, that all the bourgeois parties (excluding CCI) shares lose voters. The FDP, who noted the election victory last year, was one of those who are lost. The FDP, probably lost many voters to green liberals. Liberal climate turn Gössi President Peter had not yet arrived among voters.

SVP: freefall

In addition, in Lucerne and Basel Country, SVP had to take huge losses. Election defeat in Zurich, so it was not Zurich & # 39; waking, even if the closed resignation of the party executive of Zurich is to give the appearance. SVP is currently Switzerland's efforts to mobilize their core supporters. Your questions, such as migration, but also to European policy, in recent years has been to the top of the worry barometer citizens.

HPC: further losses in the Heartlands

massive, especially in Lucerne, losses in CVP, while the centrist party was loud latest polls only going to have stabilized at a low level. Lucerne continued to lose high. All the bourgeois parties (excluding CCI) were executed here with their tax and austerity policies in recent years. Thus, the CVP lost with the last federal election now he Heartlands much of the countryside.

SP: counters against bourgeois taxation policy

Contrary to recent polls, SP continues to grow in the cantons. According to the Greens, the Social Democrats won the most seats since the cantonal, 2015. SP with & # 39; is to succeed, especially in those cantons where it sits against the control and rigor of the Civil resisted, as it is now in the canton of Lucerne.

Clue in federal elections

In view of the federal elections of caution, despite these clear trends in the cantons. On the one hand, global warming must not remain the only national company issue. In particular, the European policy framework agreement has potential. A theme that will try to mobilize their components SVP better.

And the Greens? While it high in the cantons lasts for four years. But at the federal level, there is a small party, as well as green as before, especially in small cantons difficult to turn the coin additional shares of voters in additional mandates.

This is not surprising, therefore, if left skid, and the success of the Greens, will be less bright at the federal level in recent years in the cantons.

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