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Elections in Lucerne – New Fabian Peter in the success – and just voted two to date – News


  • 17:20

    Green Wave detected Luzern

    In the canton parliament green parties may indicate that clear before the final result. Greens can nearly double their space on the current result at all. CCI sets and young Greens turn it into a canton parliament. To do this, there are greetings from party colleagues and colleagues from all over Switzerland. The losers will be the SVP and CVP. This, according to preliminary data.

  • 17:15

    Reto Weiss: "A certain tension is already"

    CVP-man Reto Wyss second best result was found – about 58000 it. "It's gratitude for the work that I've done over the last eight years." A certain tension was already there, "as always in the elections." The fact that he did not do it in the first place, not at all irritated him. «Guido Graf and I can both be very happy."

  • 17:01

    "The success of Sunday" to the left

    Despite the fact that he has not made a choice in the first attempt, says SP candidate Jörg Mayer: "For the SP and the Greens is a success Sunday. It is noteworthy that the two left-wing candidates of the ruling nonpartisan advisor to Marcel Schwerzmann. "In the second round, do not want to speculate Meyer. Or & # 39 is it, his opponent Korintha Bartsch (green) or even both will compete again, the parties must negotiate now.

  • 16:50

    Best selected obediently

    Guido Graf, Acting Executive Council of HPC, the highest number of votes – almost 60 thousand, at last. When asked why he gained so many votes, he says that it is difficult to answer. "I, of course, about the results," but tomorrow I'm back in the center of the people of alfalfa.

  • 16:44

    SRF correspondent talks to Burch and Peter

    By SRF-correspondent central Switzerland Rafael prince, can certainly talk about "amazing results". "What is above all previous Marcel Schwerzmann for two candidates left." From "little sensation" says newly elected Fabian Peter in conversation with the Prince. "In the canton of Lucerne, this obstacle is really high in the first round," said Peter.

  • 16:33

    "Alfalfa want another woman in the government"

    Korintha Bartsch, the Green candidate, made a surprise today. They have not made their choice, although at first, but almost 43,000 votes ahead of the SP-Jörg Mayer and in front of the king's counselors Marcel Schwerzmann (independent). "I am pleased that the extremes, that was such a good result." It shows, among other things, that the Lucerne another woman in the government wanted.

    SP and Greens – – Now the two left-wing parties will have to decide whom to support in the second round. "Of course, I would love to compete again," says Burch.

  • 16:20

    If the cantonal only city to vote is not enough

    Votes for the cantonal parliament almost counted – there is no city of Lucerne. Country: Young Green to get a place in the district of Lucerne Country – as well as green, SP and GLP. This is due to the SVP and CVP – they lose two seats.

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    FDP-man and new candidate Fabian Councilor Peter immediately canceled the elections. "So I could not count," he says in an interview with & # 39; nd OCP. This was so that he could get away on a party line vote. "Then I'm very proud of"

  • 16:00

    Too few votes from Paul Winikers «native»

    Even former SVP adviser Paul Winiker has an absolute no longer be achieved in the first round. "800 votes were missing in fuchst me. But as these rules. "Obviously, this result was to the missing parts of the city Lucerne, so Winiker," my hometown. "At the moment it is to breathe, and .einzusteigen in the second round.

  • 15:54

    Frustrated Marseille Schwerzmann

    "I knew I should be in the second round," says Marcel nonpartisan Schwerzmann against Ausra "but I would not expect." Schwerzmann behind all his government colleagues and, in fact, the two left-wing candidates. "The challenge now is to use the entire bourgeois electoral potential in the second round."

  • 15:36

    Rejoicing in the CVP

    CVP is very pleased with the result of their two candidates and congratulated them. Guido Graf and Reto Wyss re-elected – with the best and the second best result.

  • 15:28

    Marseille Schwerzmann should tremble

    Earlier, the head of the nonpartisan Council candidate Marcel Schwerzmann needed in the second round and as fear for their choices. The final result of the first round, he is behind green Korintha candidate Bartsch and SP-Jörg Meyer. It's a surprise.

    final result


  • 15:16

    Previous final result here!

    Voices are counted for the government. and the new Peter Fabian (FDP) – Guido Graf (CVP), Reto Wyss (CVP) elected previous bourgeois candidate with the & # 39 are.

    Over the last two places going to the May 19 ballot. Previous Paul Winiker (SVP) and Marcel Schwerzmann (independent), it would be most likely closed against the left in the race. Or & # 39 is it is against SP-Jörg Mayer and Green Korintha Bartsch, time will tell.

    Outcome: Alfalfa Regierungsrat

    Guido Count (HPC), formerlyselected59 & # 39; 291
    Reto Wyss (CVP), formerlyselected58 & # 39; 088
    Fabian Peter (FDP)selected56 & # 39; 410
    The absolute majority —–54 & # 39; 369
    Sex Winiker (SVP), previously53 & # 39; 675
    Korintha Bartsch (green)42 & # 39; 946
    Jorg Mayer (SP)42 & # 39; 546
    Marseille Schwerzmann (independent), still39500
    Roland Fischer (CCI)35 & # 39; 365
    Rudolf Schweizer (PS)4234

  • 15:07

    "The impressive results" of the Left

    Jörg Mayer, the candidate of the joint venture have been met. As it stands now, it will be the second round of voting. Meyer still considers the fact that the left could make the leap to the government – either SP or Greens. You could make an impressive number of votes. "Cooperation on the left pays off," says Meyer.

  • 14:57

    Two Missing community

    To vote at the election of the Governing Council, almost all counts. Now we are waiting for the results Willisau cities and alfalfa.

  • 14:43

    80 out of 83 municipalities counted

    It still lacks three municipalities – including the most densely populated city of Lucerne. In addition, at the present state of Guido Graf, Reto Wyss, Peter and Paul of Fabian Winiker had reached the absolute most.

    After 80 municipal


  • 14:31

    Political enthusiasts brave spring outward & # 39; e

    With the approach of the end result, more and more people flock to the Atrium Regierungsebäudes. It also relies on these elections on Sunday, despite the sunny and warm 17 degrees of political buff. If the «Public Viewing» they can check on the latest results.

    People in the atrium


  • 14:19

    The end result is approaching

    In the elections already 77 municipalities of the Governing Council are now counted. The picture remains the same. Bourgeois candidate shaken – even a new Fabian Peter. The left head-to-head race. SP candidate and green at the moment, in addition to a total of 14 votes.

    After 77 municipalities


  • 14:03

    Green exceptionally well

    Greens candidate Korintha Burch makes a very good result in the country. Despite the fact that the absolute more below, but after 74 counted municipalities we are talking about more than 26,000 votes. This is the result of better than it was in 2015, all municipalities are counted her party colleague Michael Tong. He came to a total of 20,000 well-cast.

    Korintha Bartsch


  • 13:45

    Also cantonal votes for the mountain

    Now half of all municipalities have estimated their cantonal vote. As before, however, the end result may not actually read.

    Cantonal after more than half of the municipalities


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