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Franchise, is expected to rise with the price

In the future, increasing the deductible health insurance in increments of 50 francs – depending on the health care spending growth. Council left criticized the changes as an anti-social.

Christoph Forster, Bern

It is possible that the minimum deductible fluff rises to 500 francs. (Photo: Christian Beutler / Keystone)

It is possible that the minimum deductible fluff rises to 500 francs. (Photo: Christian Beutler / Keystone)

The franchise prevent insured them to consult a doctor for minor cases. Health insurance companies cover only those services that are above the selected deductible. Currently, the deepest franchise is 300 francs and the highest of 2,500 francs. Between them the four other franchises.

With the introduction of the Health Insurance Act (KVG) In 1996, the minimum deductible of 150 francs. Since then, it has doubled, the Federal Council for the last time in 2004 to the current level. Already today, so that the government can correct the trend value of the franchise. The new National Council is now written in the law of demand. And it looks like this: After the total cost per insured person is more than 13 times higher than the minimum deductible, the Federal Council is to promote the franchise to 50 francs. According to the latest data (2016) the gross cost per person is currently about 12 times higher than the 300 franchise. The Federal Council believes that by 2020 the increase is due, probably, after every four years. First, however, still the Council of the amendment have to agree. The National Council did this on Monday with 133 to 53 votes.

It is possible, however, also means that the minimum franchise stroke rises to 500 francs. Namely, it requires movement Health Commission of the National Council. The Council could not handle because of the lack of time on Monday.

Conservative majority hopes that the consistent increase in moderating influence on spending growth. Ownership mechanism force, said Bruno Pezzatti (FDP., Train). Health Minister Allen Bers, but soaked the expectations are too high. In his message the Federal Council writes in the following years an increase in deductibles, premiums will grow less strongly about 0.5 percent. Left said anti-social measure. Burden for the premium payer and especially the chronically ill, says Barbara Gisi (sp., St. Gallen). Already today, the insurer will have to pay so much out of pocket on health expenditure, both in Switzerland and in any European country.

Opponents also warned that insurance will go in the future, for financial reasons, less medical care. In recent years, this share has increased.

The Grand Chamber still not approved the second controversial new feature of the franchise on Monday. Those who opt for the optional franchise should not change it for three years. The initiators want to declare as "opportunistic franchise Dispensers" fight. So the insured intended to choose a lower deductible as a result of the planned interventions for the next year in order to reduce their distribution costs. In addition, each year allows the health insurance changes. Compulsory health insurance with & # 39 is a socio-political project of solidarity and not a training camp for the insurance optimizer said Heinz Brand (SVP., Graub√ľnden), on behalf of the majority of the commission. The brand with the & # 39; is the president of the Association of Health Insurance Curafutura.

This innovation met with strong criticism. It was a "false problem" and "oppressive contracts." Even the fire found that it is a small problem. Because according to the administration of only 0.17 per cent of the insured to reduce the time of their franchise. Therefore Opponents saw in the three-year contract as a punishment for the vast majority of insurers with an additional franchise. In addition, they fear that this measure weakens the independent responsibility. Since the insured is more inclined to risk, they prefer deep franchise from long-term risk due to the high deductible. The National Council approved the bill, which now goes to the Senate, but with 113 to 60 votes.

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