"Historic year" for Roger Federer


Even though the big spotlight disappeared in the second half of this year, Roger Federer once again had an extraordinary year, winning the Australian Open and returning to No. 1.

Roger Federer is happy with 2018, but he wants to change one or another in view of next season (Image: KEYSTONE / EPA / WILL OLIVER)

Roger Federer is happy with 2018, but he wants to change one or another in view of next season (Image: KEYSTONE / EPA / WILL OLIVER)


2017 Comeback Year Roger Federer is so good that in 2018 it's hard to beat or just to equalize. But like former superstar Pete Sampras once said, "Every year with a Grand Slam title is a good year." In that sense, Saturday resigning Federer was rescued in January. In general, the beginning was great. It was only in mid-March, in the Indian Wells final against Juan Martin Del Potro, after 17 wins, first defeat – after Federer had three match points.

After winning the tournament in Rotterdam on February 19, Basel became the number one oldest in ATP history at 36 years and 195 days. "It was a big moment in my career because # 1 was a dream I never thought I would approach again," Federer glanced back on Saturday night. "It's a historic season."

But he also acknowledged that "the second half of the season could be better". He has lost several tight matches that can change a lot, for example at Wimbledon or Paris-Bercy. "The positive thing is: I was close, negative, that I was unsuccessful. It was a little disappointing." He could not say for sure how much he was blocked by his hand on better results. "I hope they will end after the break."

«Every part of the puzzle must be true»

After the holidays, Federer began preparing for the new season in Dubai in early December, starting on December 30 at the Hopman Cup in Perth. He must make some important decisions regarding tournament planning. He played with the idea, if necessary, playing several tournaments in the sand again. As important as a break for him, he also felt that they should not be too long. In Shanghai, he suffered greatly from muscle pain, because he had previously "probably not played enough tennis". At Basel and of course in London, it's already far better physically.

"Every part of the puzzle must be true," Federer said. "I have to go to the absolute limit in training, or maybe something about that to be ready for the match." So, Basler and his team are in preparation for the new season, lots of questions. The 37-year-old still feels he can fight for the biggest trophy, as in January in Melbourne, where he was eyeing the 21st Grand Slam title.


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