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Jens Lehmann is said to have evaded taxes and covert advertising revenue

Only taxes and pay a refund, which he could have prevented the trial. The tax-free funds were opened Speyer Customs in 2012, writes «Handelsblatt».

The official will be pushed through the package Lehman name from Swiss bank accounts Sarasin documents. Munich tax investigation had then taken the case and obtained by comparing the reliability of a "deliberate and sustained action" at 49 years of age.

Lehmann failed to prevent action by the monetary

After five years of research, they were in July 2016 its report to the prosecutor's office Munich II. Transferred to noticed 934 837 euros taxes evaded Lehmann. Although the charge came to less after a thorough examination, they still found a six-figure damage, the newspaper reported on.

Lehmann paid taxes, as well as the circulation of money, which the trial was warned in early 2017. "My case has been closed. To do this I had to pay EUR 100,000 claims that have probably existed and was brought to court to meet, "said in an interview with & # 39; nd newspaper« Bild »Leman.

No tax in Germany only without a fixed address

Most of his veiled cash flows were advertising revenues of the German Football Association and sponsor Nike. In order to avoid having to pay tax Lehmann founded two companies on the island of Jersey Channel, writes «Handelsblatt.

After all, only his English income is taxed in London but not in other countries where translations of its advertising partners were far landed by the German tax authorities. To pay little tax in Germany, he just need to make one believe that the German tax authorities do not have a fixed address more in Germany after his move to Arsenal in Dortmund.

Tenant: Jens always wanted to have a house in Dortmund

His house, he must, therefore, rented at a very generous price for one of the family circle, in November 2003. The hotel has 300 square feet with eight bedrooms and three bathrooms populated supposedly a man of his mother for 1,000 euros per month. Family photos Lehmann at the old address in Dortmund in the coming years will, however, be noted that Jens himself continued to use the house and its premises are largely something & # 39 for him; and, as a «Handelsblatt reported on.

Interrogations tenant prosecutor confirmed this theory. Accordingly, it is important to his boss Jens Lehmann always have a home in Dortmund and the room of his children remained unchanged.

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