Saturday , April 17 2021

Jussi Jokinen – migratory bird, like a star guest lowered Kloten

Jussi Jokinen (35) for precious gain EHC Klotho. The Swiss league has landed Finn as low accepted as the only club of its conditions.

In order to join only one month a new team and play for them – for Jussi Jokinen nothing special. "I've been training for the last season," said the Finn with a dose of gallows humor.

Reason: After 12 seasons in the NHL, and every multi-year contracts with the 13th club to & # 39 is a bitter season. Jokinen is the same for the four teams (Vancouver, Columbus, Los Angeles, Edmonton) to use, so that the traveler.

Despite the so-called "bag of the season" season of the suitcase, and then, 35-year-old swallows the bitter taste and see the positives: "It was a new experience, as a man, I've grown. It was kind of predictable. "
The repetition of this, however, he does not want to experience. "The older the children are, the more difficult it is unable to be a long time at home. It's a sacrifice I had to make. "With his Finnish wife, seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son Jokinen lived four years in Brisbane on the east coast of Florida. There's something & # 39; I gefällts.

Therefore, the Finnish international is determined continue to attach season in the NHL. But Detroit's attempt in September, it may impose on the contract. Other NHL clubs offer him only a two-way contract, but in the course of the AHL, he dispensed with gratitude.

«Kloten was the best option"

Forward currently has 951 NHL games under his belt (the playoffs for the statistics do not count), he will break 1000 mark like crack. "I set a goal." This is because it is so close at hand, and not from the pension reasons. Pension NHL is unlikely to significantly increase, he said.

To be yet to come in the NHL, Jokinen needs match practice. After a month of training in the hockey school in Florida, he is looking for a club that offers him a lot in the last month of the Ice Age. "There Kloten was the best option." All other stakeholders wanted it to be longer.

he does well with reduced its experience and as a bargaining chip in the premiership & # 39; EASURES against Ticino Rockets scorer with six points. There are already ten points in four games. In today's Cup match against NL representative train Jokinen particularly stressful. "This is a good test. For me and for the team, as it happens, as an outsider. "

Jokinens with & # 39; appearance Kloten guest continues until December 5. Then he returned to his family & # 39; and. And eventually sign NHL contract in January. If this does not work, he flirts with the obligation in Switzerland or Sweden. His house is not for tax reasons at the moment in question.

Then, the veteran continues to believe that "I have two or three years ahead of me already. I love hockey yet. "

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