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Mailbox attack: SP-policy have been specially selected


Late Saturday night in Solothurn three mailboxes were blown SP policy. The procedure indicates that the three on the left have been specially selected.

Attacks on mailboxes Solothurn SP policies Lara Frey (20), Franziska Roth (52) and Philipp Yeni (34) apparently has been committed intentionally. About four weeks ago, three mailboxes on the left marked with a large black X. «I thought it was just an innocent childish prank," said party president Roth VIEW on request.

Demand for SP colleague showed, however, that more mailboxes have been marked fellow, says Roth. This indicates that the three have been specially selected.

No tangible issues

Roth, Yeni and Fry's attack can not be explained. There is currently no heated debate in the canton, which will provoke such attacks. The big problem with the & # 39 cantons is the realization of the corporate tax reform, which is struggling with the SP. Referendum company is hard, but decent, he was called from the party.

Harbinger 1 mine?

Mouth can imagine that attack the upcoming May 1 should do. Cantonal police entirely comments in this. Fact: The Left parties on Labor Day traditionally falls in more than in other places.

This year, SP Federal Councilor Allen Bears (46) will be present. Will the police after the attack is currently adapting security measures, it does not mean the use of tactical considerations.

Property damage in several thousand francs

Unknown was placed on Saturday evening in three different mailboxes fireworks and lit them. The boxes were completely destroyed, according to police, the damage amounted to a few thousand francs.

Roth is convinced: "It must have been people who have something against our political views," Recently, they have also received several e-mail and hate phone calls.. They believe an alarm that criminals recognize that someone is injured in such attacks there.

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