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Michael Wendler cursed others Laurie – it does not fit – Panorama


Michael Wendler cursed others Laurie – it does not like MOST

This is Michael Wendler

He is one of the polarization singer Germany: Michael Wendler.


Michael Wendler and his new girlfriend Laura: a couple's dream to hit the sky. In any case. Because even with Michael Wendler and his 18-year-old girlfriend is not all trallafitti and confetti.

betrayed Michael Wendler Now in an interview with & # 39; S. Responding to a question about his upcoming tour of Michael Wendler is skeptical about his personal life with a young girlfriend. Thus, from a strong jealousy seems to suffer. Much to the dismay of Michael Wendler.

Michael Wendler and each Laura: Tough on the & # 39 advert

"If my work is suffering through this relationship, then you really have to decide. Or you will be more relaxed and can handle it, or simply do not «Wendler tough. Uch meeting.

+++ Michael Wendler: Who is missing from Laura – "to disappoint you!" +++

He continued: "If she can not take it, my fans are also known to physical contact. I do not mean sex, I mean only physical contact with kisses and even shake hands and hug, then stay at home is best for them. "


This is Michael Wendler

  • Born in 1972 in Dinslaken Michael Skowronek
  • Michael Wendler with & # 39 is a qualified freight forwarder
  • 2000 pop singer released her first album
  • He has participated in several television productions part, including the hit star, I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out or Let's dance here
  • Since 2016 he lives in Cape Coral in USA
  • In 2018 he separated from his wife. Shortly thereafter, he met with the 18-year-old Loro
  • History pair is shown in the German goodbye this year
  • wife Laura Wendler about the many years he was forced to leave the villa


But it is good that it sounds a bit more harmonious a few days ago. this time with a couple in the United States, but as good as we would have on Instagram?


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Michael Wendler confirmed

Wendler any case assumes RTL rock hard: "If the fans give me on the cheek, and I really do not protect against it. I can imagine that I have since again it is very difficult to discuss the evening after. And since I do not really feel like it. "

So one might wonder how life on the road will run out. Already on April 30, Michael Wendler will know better. Since it takes place in Gelsenkirchen Emscher-Lippe-Halle.

Michael Wendler does not want Laura sings

Singing his 18-year-old girlfriend, but can not. Michael Wendler said: "I think that musically I do not have to worry at Laura. Sing it does not. I do not want too. After all, I'm not going to promote. "If you saw her Instagram video, which probably is not too bad decision.

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