New York Stock Outlook: Moderate Gains after Falling to Weekly Beginning | 11/13/18


NEW YORK (awp international) – Wall Street is likely to make some land after selling technology shares. IG trading company prices for the leading US Dow Jones Industrial index around three-quarters of an hour before the stock market launch on Tuesday were 0.20 percent higher at 25 438 points.

At the beginning of the week, technology stocks in particular fell sharply. Concerns about weak demand for the Apple iPhone weighed on sentiment. Now, telephone conversations between US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He have raised vague hopes to ease trade disputes between the US and China.

In addition, the Dow Home Depot company is waiting with positive news: The hardware store group raised its forecast for the full year after a strong third quarter. Both in branches and on the Internet, shops have increased speed. In pre-market trading, equity increased by around 1 percent.

Automotive suppliers and building technology specialists Johnson Controls want to sell their vehicle battery business. Before the paper, the paper rose more than 3 percent.

Known primarily for cereal breakfast, Kellogg checks the sales division for biscuits and fruit snacks. In the future, Kellogg intends to focus on its main business with breakfast and frozen food, which, according to the Group, accounts for a large portion of sales and will be bundled in the future. In pre-market trading, shares moved forward around 1 percent.

Meanwhile, shares of food company Tyson Foods lost about 4 percent of the pre-market. The manufacturer "Bosco 's Pizza" and the "Wunderbar" brand sausage failed with sales in the fourth quarter of business expectations and also gave a weak outlook. /La/jha/


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