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Petkovic about Nati 2018:. "Prevailed almost in a state of war"

In the morning, Vladimir Petkovic takes the doctor. Coach lost his voice. Dottore can help. Petkovic said of his 2,018th

Vladimir Petkovic, if now is the World Cup again, what would you do differently?
Vladimir Petkovic: Maybe I would be a journalist. I drew his conclusions from the World Cup. But I'd rather keep it to yourself.

Could you be more specific?
Well, maybe I would be the last group match against Costa Rica, five, six players released to save them for the second round. But she was still the possibility that Serbia will win the last match against Brazil, and we will lose the same time, we would have been out. The team, of course, after the game Serbia said that if Fifa treatment works (because of the double eagles gestures Xhaka, Shaqiri and Lichtsteiner, ed.). This can lead to the fact that they are really happy with the win, but at the same time confused with the players. The first two days after the game Costa Rica, I realized that the team was shaken a little bit, but the last two days before the second round against Sweden, there were no signs of mental waste. And who knows, if Zhemayl 1: 0 will shoot as the match will be next? But I do not say so many questions, "What would be if …?" Or "What would you have done differently than it was then?".

Here Zhemayli to shoot in the national team in the lead
Here Zhemayli to shoot in the national team in the lead

2018 was the worst year of your car coaching & # 39; EASURES?
For me, 2018 was a positive year. What bothers me: The second round should be a good result for Switzerland. but then it was almost a bit of a state of war. This went on for me in the beginning a little bit on my nerves. I would like to speak, but could not. We arrived in the form of organized chaos. Perhaps ten days we waited too long, until we talked after the World Cup. What happened after the match and Serbia after the World Cup, it was worth a lot of energy. I was really accepted myself several times (laughs). But I felt the support of the people and support bandages of all time.

Who the hell after Geisler announce new super manager for the national team to enter. What is your opinion?
Although I spoke to Bernhard Geisler and Georg HEITZ, but did not participate earlier.

It is only your new boss, right?
This will be my boss? He also decides who plays? (Smiles). No, we'll see. We know that the first offer since Saturday now all need some time to address the implementation.

What was in the 0: 1-Test defeat of Qatar's going on?
After all, I risked a gamble. But I lost. It was a calculated risk. But I would do it again if we have two games in a row and the first game with a & # 39 is friendly. But it should be clear to everyone: We are not so good that we can beat any team with each team.

Katari Afif dancing with Mvogo

What makes a 5: 2 victory three days later against Belgium on?
So you have to praise the players. He showed how much they live for such games. But, it will not always be so, that we have a game after 0: 2 can reverse the residue again. I hope that they do not cause such a situation all too often. But it remains in the form: it has to 0: 2 still believe in themselves and to provoke situations that have led to success against the current world number 1.

Xhaka in Belgium sensation

"The coolest thing can happen!"

As you with almost 35 years of Lichtsteiner and soon 32-year-old Jura next? Have you been recently in contact Captain Lichtsteiner?
Yes, he did after congratulating me play Belgium, I wish him good health and recently a prompt return to Arsenal. Now I do not mind too much, which will be in our next game in March. But of course, I keep track of all the players in their clubs. The national team has become wider, the competition anymore. This is good for the development team. but surely I can and I will not send the retired, who was also on Behrami wrong. But a hat so it is accepted, and the other in a different way.

Nati date 2018

12.2. In Dublin: Euro 2020 group draw qualification
12.3. In Dublin: Draw the final of the League of Nations tournament four with Switzerland

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