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Playoffs National League 3: Bern Biel offers a 6: 2


Aufschnaufen in the capital: SC Bern EHC Biel gets into in Game 3 of the playoffs semi-finals with a convincing performance 6: 2, and shortens in the series against the rival Canton.

Mursak nice unlocked

This combination triggers SCB home win

One of the reasons why it is so dominant winner qualifying for the playoffs zigzag (s?), Appointed by the providers performances. Players like Calle Andersson, Andrew Ebbett Thomas Rüfenacht and usually reliable beatniks Gerber struggled longer with himself. "We believe that is too much, we want to make it too well. It slowed us down, "says Ebbett. But now it is only problematic bears, the SCB to bring the first victory against Beal.

Ebbett, since his arrival in Bern 2015 playoffs was the best scorer, succeeds in the ninth game, finally, the first goal, is involved in four of the six matches. Defender Andersson played almost without mistakes, gets two assists. Rüfenacht delivery with a knife between his teeth to help 2: 0th Gerber to 4: 1 And the coach Jalonen does everything right.

Biel-Cola, «Berner in some people with the use of"

Jalonens rotation fruchtet

Finn again Matthias Bieber and Allen Berger works with strong Sandra Bruges (Visp) and Jan Muršak is – also from the first meeting in Slovenia – in addition Ebbett and Grasse. "We want to show the best game," says Jalonen. And he keeps his word.

Berner press from start to gear tempo hold the first 60 minutes of high act concentrated and gave, after 1: 3 without weak knees. Quite another Bill.

This Anti Thormann replaced by two victories against Bern Kärki Jarno Marc-Antoine Pouliot, becomes the starter. Line Toni Rajala and Mark Pedretti can unfold a little. The act Zealanders pale at large distances, but there are two mail shots are out of luck.

For SCB this is only the second win in five home games.

bestAndrew Ebbett.

plumsMarc-Antoine Pouliot (Bill), offensive harmless defensive error.

gate 7. Mursak (Ebbett, Andersson) 1: 0th 14. Ebbett (Moser, Rüfenacht / PP) 2: 0th 36. Untersander (Arcobello, Bloom) 3: 0th 48. Brunner (graph fox) 3: 1. 53. Sciaroni (Gerber) 4: 1. 55. Arcobello (Andersson, Ebbett / PP) 5: 1. 57. Tschantré (Künzle, Forster) 5: second 59. Mursak (Ebbett, Untersander) 6: 2 (an empty net).

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