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Precipitation 76 comprises code radicals from Skyrim

with andreas Bertits
Fallout 76 through 5 on the same engine that plays the role of Bethesda The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4. Even parts of Skyrim code can be found in the online game. So he will have a loud voice Fallout 76 was just a big Skyrim Mod …

Method Fallout 76 acts obsolete. In addition, if the Bethesda has made some improvements to the base Creation Engine, we have learned, but the similarity with Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, which use the same engine. In addition, there is a code remains in Skyrim Fallout 76 (29.99 € Buy Now).

The code remains of old games & # 39 appeared in Fallout 76

code can be found not only evidence of Fallout 4, such as that Fallout 4 drive can not be found or that has been created with an older version of the saved games Fallout 4. In addition, the code snippets are available on the dragons of Skyrim. Including the range of their landing and code around the collection of the Dragon Soul.

Since Fallout 76 in any case is not a good reputation with the fans of the series to make this kind of funny about this situation. Fallout 76 even called big Skyrim Mod.

However, it is not unusual that such a code is the old leftist projects, which used the same engine. Slightly bitter taste, but it leaves him, but with the Creation Engine has long been criticized as outdated.

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