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Reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease – so many steps to do every day


Studies show that physical activity is particularly important, especially in old age health. With exercise, you can even reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. You do not have to spend time on sports. Already a regular walking helps. The main thing is for you to come on a certain number of steps.

As a rule, the daily life: people under 65 years of age must every day to do at least 10,000 steps. More than 65 years of age is recommended that at least 7,000 steps a day. Charitable research initiative "Altsgeymer" e. V. (AFI). At an average pace of 30 minutes walk is about 3,000 steps.

Trade is not in the foreground

It is important not to overestimate yourself. "It is not the best of times, and with pleasure," – experts say. They recommend exercises that make you easy to sweat, but also can talk.

In addition to physical exercise, AFI recommends:

  • Keep in mind
  • Sharing with others, communication
  • educate healthy
  • Pay attention to the health risks

Clarify legal issues in a timely manner

In addition, you should not postpone the subject of legal precaution. Because there is no legal right to the mission for the spouses or adult relatives.

More details about them can be found here and in the free brochure "Preventing Alzheimer's Disease: Healthy life – healthy aging". It can be ordered online here or at the following address:

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