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Samsung brings profiled TV for a generation Instagram


April 30, 2019 –
Samsung introduced SERO, a TV that can be rotated in a vertical direction by turning the function. Thus, the smart phone video can be displayed optimally.

Samsung is currently undergoing with the idea of ​​Gray said. Gray & # 39 with a 43-inch TV, which has as its business computer display by turning the function – can be rotated vertically to say. This is done manually, the corresponding compound is rack-mounted. The idea of ​​a vertically-TV: a shot of a smartphone-edge video will be presented optimally. Thus, the Samsung wants to convince generation Instagram continue to buy the TV, apparently. Gray also built-in 4.1 channel Spoundsystem 60 Wall of power, as a language assistant Bixby has been integrated.

According to «The Verge», Samsung developed a gray, so that Millennials recommended to play the content from a smartphone on a TV screen. The device is also designed for use as a huge digital photo frame or Musikvisualisierer.

Gray comes to Korea in late May, the equivalent of $ 1,600 in the market. Samsung to bring the new TVs as part of his so-called life of TV lines, in which, among other things, the picture frame TV frame belongs. Currently, however, no further releases are planned Gray, the Samsung wants to try first, as a 43-inch model comes on the market.
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