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Serafe fees: Layered address will not be released by the summer


Departure from Billag drives absurd flowers: Even those who are reported by Serafe errors in their accounts in January, will continue to receive until the summer of false invoices. And all this is expensive on it for the public sector.

Will ordinary company needs six months to cope with the change of address of the client, heads will roll. Serafe other side – that is, from the beginning of the new year Billag – even received additional funds from the public for it.

That's why it works: Swiss collection agencies, radio and television output, short Serafe, Billag has abgeluchst work they have presented a significantly lower rate on the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). Instead of 60 million Swiss francs, collection agencies previously killed, Serafe now receiving a good 20 million francs a year. At the minimum.

Two percent of errors

This is possible because Serafe fully automated. Billag turned at hand it was about 240 people. If Serafe makes computer program. Lining it with a record of residents of offices that have been done only for the sake of, and is currently being used for the first time: it covers not only the address, but also the exact apartment all citizens.

The last of the & # 39 is the main source of errors. Up to two percent of the information was incorrect, as it was confirmed Serafe against short today. With 3.6 million posted in the accounts in January, or about 70,000.

But this is not the only reason why it was disappointing to Billag hours early years. There were also thousands of questions on various payment options, billing intervals or exceptions.

"Significant delays"

"We ask you to contact in case of disagreement directly to your citizens" "was in January at the score. However, the authorities can not cope with the many challenges that revolved around Serafe-specific topics.

Just a few days after the billing on January 22 participants besieged the creation Serafe for citizens with a single point of contact for all kinds of questions and amendments to the decision.

"Replies call center on peak days, up to 10,000 customer inquiries," said a representative Serafe Erich Heynen to view. "During this time, the waiting time for those who have been called great time." The call center was an extra set in the period from late January to late March, in addition to the 100 telephone operators planned 30-

It can really get bug fixes and collect. but it should not adapt itself in accordance with the law. Changes need to correct back to the citizens services.

While summer is not decided

It sounds complicated, and it is. At least until mid-summer Serafe, OFCOM and the community agreed on the procedure and which are in the form of confirmed Serafe against the views.

This means that for a household belonging to the twelfth received the first financial statements in June, even as he followed a false statement in January, an adjustment in Serafe, would be the same mistake in the bill of June.

Erroneous data received from citizens offices. However, Walter Allemann (57), secretary of the Association of Swiss Einwohnerdienste (VSED), resists role as a scapegoat: "Firstly, the formation of the household had previously served only for statistical purposes Here below resiliency two percent provided by the federal government," Even the Federal Council.. record indicates "very good quality." Secondly, as Allemann, Serafe did not use any data in January, but those November 2018th

How expensive it gets? Slurred!

Regardless of who is not guilty – all it is expensive: Serafe should ensure their further efforts to Ofkih billed. "We have prepared a half years of our work," says Heynen. "Never been to say that we would be the sole point of contact for questions and amendments to personal data."

Ofcom representative wrote: "There Serafe expenses that are not covered by the functional specification would have appreciated this detail, and justified vying to Ofcom.»

This account how expensive? "Now we decide together with partners who are involved only this problem," says Heynen with Serafe. "Once we deal with the amount of any additional costs."

From the outside it is difficult to estimate how high they can not. The bottom line will determine how bad the mess was.

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