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Sergio Marchionne would like to take over General Motors


Sergio Marchionnehead edict. Ferrari and ChryslerIt requires more. That merger with the largest competitors in the automatic landing Americawith General Motors (GM).

This Var & # 39; yatski plan published Bloomberg journalist Tommaso Ebhardt Marchionne's biography, from this day advance copying Italy He was released.

apparently Marchionne firmly believe in the success of GM deal. Anyway, he had met in 2015 with the European bankers to light for financing 60 billion dollars absorption. Substrate he enjoyed by Fiat-Chrysler anchor shareholder John Elkann, At least initially. Also, there is the project name at the headquarters of Fiat's commitment to Turin: Cylinder. Elkann I consulted with the result Warren Buffett, Family friend & # 39; and and main shareholder General Motors.

Marchionne is also in talks with Volkswagen and Peugeot

legendary billionaire Omaha but not very enthusiastic about the acquisition. because Elkann – as opposed to reckless Marchionne – also do not believe in the success of a hostile takeover Americans Turin blowing from the exercise. Marchionne I was upset and annoyed from top to bottom "celibacy".

Marchionne rolled under Ebhardt Further acquisitions plans. For them, the absorption of the German automaker's US activity belongs VolkswagenAfter that, United States I slid deeper into diesel scandal. But also because of this project, which appeared under the internal secret name of Wolf, there was nothing.

Earlier, Italian-Canadians have been investigated for a possible merger with the French group Peugeot. In 2013, he met Emmanuel MacronWhile the economic advisor to the President Francois Hollande, The Year of the long-standing plan of attack Marchionne Room was the world's largest automotive group – a group with a market capitalization of $ 100 billion.

Fiat heir flew to Zurich

It remained a dream. Marchionne He died July 25, 2018 at the University Hospital Zurich, A month earlier, the chain-smoking senior managers underwent surgery on the lung. Three days before his death, he writes EbhardtOr with the & # 39 is the main shareholder of Fiat Elkann privately Zurich I flew to get an idea about the health of their bosses.

for in Turin rumors Marchionne I was Zurich Only operate on the shoulder. But Fiat heir was itself to provide illumination. But as he without the written consent of Marchionne life partner Manuela Battezzato can demonstrate to visit in the ICU, he was reportedly rejected by the doctors at the university hospital.

Only a personal interview with the Battezzato on shore Lake Zurich brought up before the return flight Turin clarification. Marchionne returns to the Fiat-Chrysler. Previously manager automotive Sergio Marchionne has other plans: a way out of the Operations of the year 2019.

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