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Super League: St. Gallen railing against VAR


FC "Sankt Gallen" lose ten times in a row against the "Lucerne" – but also because the Video-Ref decides against it twice.

Aspen prepares the soul after the game. Coach Peter Zeidler shouts through the tunnel Player: "Unbelievable!"

And sports director Alain Sater finds: "VAR should make a fair football Of course, he did not do that today.." Anger St. Gallen justified. Less because of the 0-2 against FCL – but because of the way. Or better: because of the video referee.

Fifteen minutes later, a minute Raf Lionel chud indicates the box after Lazarus Tsyrkavich communication leads. Galen Axel Bakayoko in the side. Suddenly, he grabs the ear, VAR intervenes. Chchudi looks back on the scene – and revised the sentence. Many fine! Explanation: Video-Ref should intervene only in the event of an exact solution of the error, which is definitely not available.

Why he does it in any way, only the person knows in a television studio in Volketswil ZH.
However, overflow trunk brings to the stage after 87 minutes. Goalkeeper St Gallie Dezhan Stojanovic comes to Lukas Lukas Lucerne – very roughly. However, Chchudi away at the moment continue.

FCSG played better than Lucerne

But then again, Video-Ref enters the scene – but it is good for at least two minutes later! Chchudi draws a square in the air and shows that fine!

Shock runs through Kibunpark. Blessing Elek found in terms of – in the middle of the heart of Saint-Galin. On 97 minutes, Christian Shnayvli kontarataku concludes with a score of 2: 0 St. gallons Bankruptcy sealed. The fact that Pascal Shyurpf should see a second yellow card and left the field, encourages St.

FCSG quarrel with the judge

Here VAR decides on the punishment of Lucerne

Bankruptcy Wei St. Galina also because they are nearly 90 minutes better than Lucerne. Its protection Bubi with Heftsi, Stsyargio, Access Letard and Muheim shows a surprising maturity. Ex-Chelsea Junior Myuhaym Frenchman Letar strange. Well as Victor Ruiz, a Spaniard, sporting director Satera that since the beginning of the year has called out of a hat.

And yet, a clear chance of St. Galen rare. Best – Hefti header after a corner, new goalkeeper FCL Marius Müller has managed perfectly.

FCL protects solid – without VAR it may be there, but without glasses. Nevertheless, he won for the tenth time in a row against FCSG! It is unlikely that he would have done it without the VAR. Coach Thomas Heberli openly said: "This is, of course, happy victory."

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