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Superleague: Celestino destroyed dam


Lugano Celestino coach does not think about the Barrage. In his opinion, sufficient reduced ten-league.

Tension in the Super League unbearable. Front YB and Basel with the & # 39 are secured. Rear GC. The other seven teams are scrambling to Europe or against the tie-break in the reception of the League. But one is not pleased with: Celestino coach Lugano.

In the first nine rounds of Ticino unbeatable. Nevertheless, still a boom in danger. "Even tuna, which is in third place, is still in danger," said Vaud. "At the moment the Berne third parties and will be directly into the group stage of the Europa League. If they lose one, twice, again they Barrage candidate. This is the third of five games remaining this danger still face, not from & # 39 is normal. Yes, it's ridiculous. "

Celestinis thought: "A reduced enough ten-league as a whole. This struggle against the Barrage, but attracts anybody in the stadium. And it prevents the coach can play in attack, risk and hope for the boys. And it is counterproductive. "

At least one point is supported Celestini Wizards coach Jerry Seoane: «For the installation of young players, the regime is definitely not from the & # 39 is ideal." To stress on …

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