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Swiss Airlines is a safety issue – the shortcomings in service


The problems associated with aircraft maintenance abroad observed in the Swiss "growing concern". Archive photo: AP

Swiss has a security problem – and must meet the

Swiss airline cares about the deficiencies in the maintenance of its aircraft abroad. This is due to the former SWISSAIR subsidiary SR Technics.

Benjamin Weinmann / Media channel

Record sales, record profits, record passenger: If the Swiss presented their annual results two weeks ago, the media largely successful in focus. In addition, the Swiss CEO Thomas Klühr talked about the climate debate and bottlenecks in Zurich and with the air traffic controllers in Europe.

But there is another issue, which is currently running in the Swiss management team. The fact that it was not mentioned at the press conference, do not be surprised. Since the question palpable. We are talking about safety.

A few days ago, Lufthansa subsidiary company has inside information about the problems in the maintenance of aircraft, they have watched with increasing concern.

This newspaper is aware of the letter. As confirmed by various sources, this statement somewhat, partly as issues related to the safety of the quality on which he in recent weeks in the maintenance, checking maintenance coming from long-haul aircraft called.

Security-related defects …

Minor maintenance work actually carried out regularly by the Swiss in Zurich alone. However, for large checks for which the Swiss are entirely licensed, the Airbus aircraft, the Boeing 777 and the new Bombardier C-series from autumn in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in Oman, Jordan. Must Among these safety-related defects have occurred with the Jordanian company Joramco.

… after degradation in SR Technics

The reason the big checks will no longer be held in Zurich, has to do with your partner, former SWISSAIR subsidiary SR Technics. It was absorbed in 2016 by the Chinese conglomerate GNI.

But the Chinese did not bring reduced SR Technics to grow. On the contrary. Last fall, she put the so-called "base service" for each large checks. Hundreds of employees in Kloten was a new strategy of the Chinese victims. The number of digits in Zurich SR Technics thus reduced to about 1300. 15 years ago, it was still 4200th

in a hangar in Glattbrugg 2003 SR Technics staff roll the tire down the corridor. Archive photo: POL

The Swiss looked after forced to seek a new partner who can carry out big checks – and found it in Slovenia and Jordan.

The question of whether to & # 39 is now criticized Joramco company came to train, because the costs will be lower in Jordan, and why not take a group of their own «Lufthansa Technik» for the work, the Swiss representative unanswered.

Need more control

The Swiss-circles, one of the reasons for the alleged lack of alternatives called. For the industry, it lacked of maintenance that meet high. It would, in particular, will have to close some factories in Western Europe in recent years. In the short term there Joramco provider in Oman, there is simply no alternative, as the Swiss talks inside.

Therefore, various measures have been identified to address the new situation. This means that the Swiss sent during checks clear more of their people in Oman to observe the work. Wednesday tested according to insiders there is also much to be hoped for services in Jordan in the future.

What consequences do maintenance problems to the flight plan, how great the financial damage, the number of severe cases was concerned and whether the machine subsidiary company Edelweiss, the Swiss do not want to say too.

but one can guarantee "that all Swiss aircraft meets the strict requirements of manufacturers and authorities, and they have defects related to security at no time." Since we are dealing with internal problems, one wants to make any additional comments.

The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that he knew about the difficulties in Joramco. The representative also noted that therefore the delay in service delivery and the Swiss aircraft.

Management assessed the situation is now considered critical. Joramco & # 39; ll governed by the country's authorities, which conform to the European Aviation Safety Agency standards. Processes of the Swiss Federal Office will be checked. but fleet security must be ensured by the Swiss.


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