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Tesla Model 3 Model Y received device>


One of the most popular, because it is currently only available in several brands of car electrical equipment factory hitch. Buyers Tesla Model 3, as well as a new model of Y in the future will be officially permitted to tow a trailer or caravan.

Swedish website Elbilen I had to ask the Prime Minister & # 39; EPA possible model Y on Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen to the presence of a bitch – it replied laconically: "Yes." The same applies to the model 3, there will be "soon" an appropriate decision.

The driver of a luxury sedan Model S, who wants to travel with a caravan, still apply to auxiliary equipment of other manufacturers. At least for a large SUV model X looks Tesla surcharge is also used as a "tractor" in front. Official trailer model X with & # 39 is a 20-inch wheels up to 2268 kg.

Electric cars due to the removal from the start in full torque good for towing a trailer – in particular, Tesla's all-wheel Stromer. However, the additional stress has a negative impact on energy consumption and hence the achievable load range.

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